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Meet Neria Zhang: Church History Columnist

Neria Zhang, a second-year TPS student, blog-writing, Pinterest-browsing, K-pop listening, 15 year old who desires to go heliskiing and abides in Washington State is clay’s Church History Columnist this year. This semester she’ll be taking English 4/5 with Mrs. Yagel, Algebra 2 with Mrs. K, AP US History with Mr. Monfreda, and Biology with Dr. Cronin. 

Neria chose to write for the Church History column again this year, because she felt there was more she could do with the articles. Her goal is to further help others explore the history of our faith. 

Neria’s greatest role model is her father because he taught her about standing up for her beliefs, and he supports her in her endeavors.

If she could meet one well-known person in history, she’d like to meet the renowned sniper Carlos Hathcock.

One of Neria’s favourite childhood memories is from when she left Yellowstone National Park. She says: “I remember I was sitting next to my brother in our old van with my two sisters sitting in the last row behind us. My brother started crying because he didn’t want to leave and my second oldest sister began comforting him. I cruelly laughed at him because I thought he was being “a baby.” But then the next second, I began crying for no apparent reason and my oldest sister had to comfort me! And that’s how our family trip to Yellowstone National Park ended.”

When asked whether there were any bizzare foods that she enjoys, she replied: “There are two specific ones that are of my own invention. I’ve created a new type of s’mores, and a new, exquisite sandwich. The s’more is made with saltines replacing the graham crackers, and cookies and cream chocolate replacing the normal milk chocolate. Now for the sandwich, you replace normal bread with brioche, add brie cheese (yes, I like it), and then as the final touch add some marionberry jam on top of the cheese.”

If she could find herself in either Narnia or Neverland, she would pick Narnia. According to her:“I think that Neverland would be somewhat alarming just because I never really liked Peter Pan. As a result, I would have to choose Narnia…if only there was no White Witch or any villains.”

If she could write a famous quote in sidewalk chalk in front of the White House for people to see, it would read: 

 “If we ever forget that we are one nation under God then we will be a nation gone under.”
~Ronald Reagan 

Welcome back to the clay magazine, Neria! Be sure to look out for Neria’s upcoming articles in the Church History column this year!


  1. Hey Neria! Looking forward to working with you this year! 😀

  2. Neria, I’m in your math class!! You didn’t tell us you are writing for Clay this year!

  3. Very interesting article! btw you’re so prettttyyyy

  4. I never saw your column last year! Now I’m disappointed…I can’t wait to read them this year! Also I love the quote you chose 🙂

    • Glad that you’re looking forward to reading it this year! Maybe you could catch up on last year’s 🙂 Thank you!

  5. hey neria, we’re in Biology together. hathcock is so cool, are you also considering becoming a sniper?

  6. oh thats cool! i want to go to Marine sniper school