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Meet Julia Holmgren: Arts & Culture Editor

Meet 16-year-old Julia Holmgren, one of this year’s Arts & Culture Editors, as she journeys  back to her home in Massachusetts after hiking along the Appalachian Trail with a friend. Backpacking trips aren’t the only activities Julia enjoys, though. She also takes part in karate, cross-country skiing, swimming, and triathlons. Her other hobbies include violin, piano, trumpet, and photography. Wanting to pursue a career in helping others, Julia is interested in becoming an ER doctor or trauma surgeon. She’s already displayed this interest in helping others medically as she has worked both as a lifeguard and a medical scribe. She explains that this interest stemmed from work her parents do with medical missions in Africa and Guatemala. Traveling has shown Julia that she enjoys exploring different countries. Her favorite places have been Croatia, Iceland, and Kenya. She also hopes to visit New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, and Norway sometime to see their diverse landscapes and cultures.

For her 5th year of TPS, as a junior in high school, Julia will be taking five classes: Precalculus, English 4/5/6 College British Lit and Comp, AP Biology, AP Psychology, and AP U.S. History. She will also be studying German, although not with TPS. While excited for every class, Julia is especially looking forward to Biology and Psychology. Julia loves the community in TPS, getting to know fellow TPSers, and all the kind teachers who have such a passion for what they teach. She has learned so much through TPS and her high school experience and can’t wait for the upcoming years.

With the incredible amount of activities she is busily involved in, it is no wonder that Julia’s favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:31—”But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” She loves this powerful verse and is encouraged that God is always near, giving us the strength and will to continue on.

With so many amazing foods, Julia finds it hard to choose a favorite, but she particularly loves salad, pizza, and most fruits besides papayas. Her favorite colors are green and red. Her Myers-Briggs type is ESFJ and her Enneagram type is 7. Julia has two younger sisters, Sophia and Mia, and one of her pet peeves is being distracted from homework by her sister’s singing. Julia’s favorite animals are sea turtles, giraffes, and dogs. In addition to Sven, their fish, Julia’s family has a black lab puppy named Gingham, whom they are training for the guiding eye dog program.

After writing for the cooking column last year and greatly enjoying her experience with clay, Julia knew she would love to be an editor for the Arts & Culture section. Already she has displayed her enthusiastic personality as she talks about clay and everything else she is involved in. Her positivity and enthusiasm about all that she does will be a great addition to the clay team. Welcome to the staff, Julia!


  1. Yass Jules! Huge congrats on getting your editor position! Also ESFJ and Enneagram type 7 FTW!!

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  6. ESFJ, cool! I’m an INTJ 🙂

  7. Yay Julia!! Congratulations on getting this position! Can’t wait to get to know you better in Biology class this year! (=

  8. Congrats, Julia!! Can’t wait to be on the A&C team with you this year!

  9. Still holding first place for the most awesome person I know—make us proud, sister.


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  19. Julia…you have some serious explaining to do XD. How is it that we’ve been talking for like two years and I didn’t know that you enjoy triathlons? Or that you want to be a trauma surgeon or ER doctor (which I think is super cool btw)?

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    BUT JULIA- i’m sooo glad to have you as my friend and you’re awesome!!! also U ISH GORGEOUS <3333333