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Meet Joshua Wideman: Boys’ Spotlight Columnist

I have circumstantially known Joshua Wideman for quite some time, due to our shared experience in the wild adventure of TPS’s Children’s Literature class. I, however, have never truly tried to get to know him until writing this article and I regret not having done so sooner. Loving socialization and bearing a strong dislike for excessive fictional romances, Joshua is now clay’s Boys’ Spotlight columnist as well as a newcomer to the staff. He will also be entering his junior year of high school and can be found in a variety of TPS classes, including College British Literature, Apologetics, College US History, Personal Finance, and programming in Java. 

Inspired to join clay by Jake Moore’s humor articles around two years ago, Joshua initially wanted to be an editor just so he could have a chance at becoming a senior editor. Alas, that editing position had already been filled and the senior editors caught onto his schemes, relegating him to the lowly position of Boys’ Spotlight columnist. Nevertheless, Joshua takes pride in his current place with clay and sees it as a great opportunity for learning more about the TPS community. 

Like every good homeschooler, Joshua enjoys reading a good series of books, running cross-country, and writing his own stories, rap songs, and theater plays. His all-time favorite books have been the Redwall series, including plenty of action sprinkled with moments of world building and a noticeable lack of romance, and the Inheritance Cycle, giving him most of the inspiration for his fantasy stories. He also considers Minecraft and Terraria to be among his favorite video games because of the inherent freedom of the sandbox genre and his love of playing with other people. Joshua even ran his own RPG on TPS Forums called “Potter’s Games.” 

Up until very recently, Joshua lived in Thailand and now hails from the Middle East, making this his sixth move to a new country, discounting all of the smaller moves he’s made throughout his life. Because of his nomadic life, Joshua finds a deep comfort in Joshua 1:9, as it gives him the powerful reminder that God will always be with him no matter where he lives in this world.

I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know Joshua in order to write this article. He is a genuinely interesting and unique person, and I can’t wait to see what he will do for Boys’ Spotlight this year. Welcome aboard the staff, Joshua!


  1. Congratulations on getting the spot, Joshua! The Potter’s Games FTW!

  2. Congrats Joshua! *throws confetti*

  3. CONGRATS JOSHHHH! Can’t wait to see your spotlight articles!

  4. Thanks for writing this Sam! Good job!

  5. Welcome to the staff!! *shoots off fireworks to welcome you with explosions*

  6. Congrats, nephew! Quick tip, don’t interview Nathan, he’s gonna be boring to write about (heehee jk).

  7. We’re all so proud!!! *cheers* *tosses teacups like confetti*