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Meet Isabel Yang: PR Photographer

        Meet Isabel Yang, clay’s PR Photographer! Isabel lives in New Jersey with her parents and nineteen-year-old sister. She doesn’t have any pets, but if she had the choice, she wishes she could own an otter (for a week). While she has only moved once, from one side of town to the other, in her sixteen years of life, she often visits her relatives in Taiwan, where her parents resided before they moved to the United States to pursue a higher degree in college. Although Isabel loves Taiwan and its culture, she admits her dream vacation would include a trip to Norway or Ireland.  

        A junior in high school, this is Isabel’s third year with TPS and second year on the clay staff. She loves photography, but often doesn’t have enough time to pursue this interest. Becoming the PR Photographer is a creative excuse and reminder for her to continue with photography. Her favorite subjects to photograph are the intricate, often-overlooked aspects of nature, such as the veins on a leaf.  Her tips for beginning photographers would be, “Don’t be discouraged if people criticize your work…just keep doing it.  Because the more you do it, the more you’ll find your niche within photography. So just don’t put down the camera!”  

        Isabel’s other interests include listening to music, playing the piano, gardening, and reading. She has also tried soccer, basketball, dodgeball, ballet, jazz, archery, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, baseball, and lacrosse at least once. She may only be five feet tall, but she has a big heart. Hearing other people laugh, spending time with friends and family, and seeing other people’s joy makes her the happiest. She would describe herself as a planner, a procrastinator, serious (but likes to laugh), down to earth, and available if you need a mom to take care of you. If Isabel were a food, she would be a layer cake because she has “a lot of different layers,” not because she likes cakes at surprise parties. She hates surprises. Her biggest fear is the unknown. Her life motto is “Whatever floats your boat” and her favorite catch phrases are “yeet” and “awesome-sauce.”  

        Isabel is also very dedicated to her schooling. She is taking AP English with TPS, although writing is her least favorite subject. Her preferred subject, however, is math: when she is bored, she enjoys doing long division. In college, while not entirely sure of her specific major, she hopes to study something with math and chemistry, possibly biochemistry. Her greatest accomplishment was winning a speaking competition in the interview category. For Isabel, a normal school week involves planning, procrastinating, realizing she has a lot of schoolwork to do, saying “yeet” and “lol” a lot, crying, sleeping a lot, and somehow making it through the week. Just barely.

        Once, in the name of curiosity, Isabel poked her sister’s exercise ball with a paper clip.  Unsurprisingly, it deflated, and to this day her parents are still puzzled about how it happened (shhh don’t tell them). Describing another funny moment, Isabel explained that nine years ago, at Yellowstone National Park, she got chased by a moose. They were at a safe viewing distance of 100 feet, but she wanted to go back to the car. However, when she started to run, the moose saw her and chased after her.  She didn’t realize at first, and when she turned around she was surprised to see it come skidding to a stop in front of her.  If she could attach a warning label to herself, it would say, “Warning: Cracks very bad jokes.” 

        But while she loves making puns and hearing others laugh, Isabel is also very wise and thoughtful.  If given the opportunity to ask any well-known person from the past one question, Isabel would ask anyone, “What is one thing you hope to see in the future in my time?” And if Isabel could tell her younger self one thing, she would say, “Don’t let other people influence your decisions in life. Don’t give in to peer pressure.”  

        Isabel’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 28:20, which says “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  It reminds her that she is not alone, even when the world seems against her. Isabel’s advice to readers is “Pray. I know that sounds really cliché, but some people don’t understand that praying is more than asking for things. It’s a conversation. I can’t see God, but I know He’s there, so I just talk. I just say random things to Him as if He were my best friend.” 

        Isabel is excited to be returning to clay’s PR Team and to share her passion with others.  So, when looking to see the world through a different lens this year, make sure to check out her photography for an eye-opening experience! 


  1. Love this; hope you have an awesome year =))

  2. I loved getting to know you Isabel!! Can’t wait to see your photography 🙂