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Meet Ian Lee: Creator of Anthill Comics


The creator of Anthill Comics is none other than Ian Lee. He is sixteen-years-old and enjoys cross country skiing. He used to live in Boston, so he likes the New England Patriots.

Ian has been going to TPS for three years, and he likes homeschooling. He is taking one class from TPS. He is in eleventh grade and his favorite class is Physics. Sadly, he does not want to be a cartoonist when he grows up. He is pursuing university at MIT and wants to become a scientist later in life.

He has traveled to eight countries including China, Myanmar, and Georgia. The weirdest thing that he has ever eaten turns out to be paper until he figured out it was not for eating but for drawing comics! He has been making comics since 2017 and has not run out of material yet. His first comics were about candy but he later transitioned to ants because he felt they were more relatable. According to Ian, there is nothing cool about ants. His comic ants are cool though, and he uses Photoshop to create his amazing comic strips.

I am sure all readers of the Anthill comics have been dying to ask this question since they started reading them: are ants really bad at math? Ian responded, “I have no idea if they are in reality, but in my comic universe, they are bad at math.” He was also asked if he would like to be an ant, but he said that if given the opportunity he would unfortunately have to say “no.”  In fact, he only likes ants when they are in his comics.  The mastermind gets his ideas from the ants around his house and how his family reacts to them. He did say that his favorite aunts are the two that are currently reading this, and he loves them both equally. I am glad to say that Anthill comics will continue this year and will be even better than last year!


  1. The iconic Anthill comics….welcome back Ian!

  2. Yuuusss the anthill comics👌🏻😂 Glad to have you back!