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Meet Hannah Wong: Bible Spotlight Columnist

Out of the depths of southeastern Michigan, arose a thinker, a sister, a “sheltered homeschooler.” Meet Hannah Wong, clay‘s 16-year-old Bible Spotlight columnist. Her parents named her “Hannah” with the desire that she will grow up to be like Hannah in the Bible.

Hannah is a clay veteran. After three years, she continues to write for clay because she loves the experience of being part of the clay community. Throughout this year, she will lead us in uncovering the wonders of the Bible, share what she has learned, and shine the spotlight on the coherent and complete Word of God.

Not only will you want to read her articles, but she might also become your classmate! Hannah has taken classes at TPS for five years and refined her writing and reading skills through Advanced Composition, Journey through Narnia, Children’s Literature, AP Literature, and now Western Literature. She also journeyed through classes like Starting Points, Logic and Apologetics, and Precalculus. As a junior in high school, she will be taking College Music Theory. Her interest in music stems from her background as a pianist. If she could do anything in the world and not fail at it, she would perhaps become a concert pianist. Her father, her former piano teacher, inspires her to become a better pianist. Her former youth pastor, who now serves in India, and Mrs, Yagel, who you TPSers might know, are other prominent figures of inspiration in her life.

For some fun facts, Hannah does not know what her favorite food is, but always says dumplings. She wants to become a teacher. Her ideal vacation spot is “anywhere interesting that I have not yet been to that will not result in any significant harm to my person.” To make her life easier, she would invent a piece of technology that can clean up after her three brothers. By the way, she says that she has no clue where Waldo is.

Hannah describes herself as an introvert, but loves people. While she enjoys contemplating abstract concepts, she tends to be rather straightforward, practical, and thought-based as opposed to feelings-based. Her hobbies and activities reflect her personality as a team-policy debater and one who enjoys reading, writing, photography, biking, and frisbee in her free time. If she could witness any historical event, she would choose to gaze upon the sunrise on the seventh day, the day after Creation.

Finally, an article about our Bible Spotlight columnist would be incomplete without knowing some of her favorite Bible passages. Psalm 115 is her favorite Psalm. She could name so many other passages, including Isaiah 8. For the moment, she loves Philippians 3:19-21. She explains, “These verses draw a stark contrast between those who do not follow God—among whom I formerly was numbered—and those whom God has saved, reminding me that my ultimate home is not here but in heaven, and that the victory of Jesus is sure.” With the belt of truth, the sword of the Scriptures, and the full armor of God, Hannah is equipped to share the Gospel and reach out to the lost.


  1. Congrats on making it to clay again, Hannah! 😀

  2. Hannnah! Looking forward to conquering music theory and working with you this year! 😀

  3. Excited to be in the same column as you again!

  4. Hannah! I’ll miss seeing you in class this year 🙁 You wanna be a teacher? Me too!!

  5. I’m so excited to see what you do at clay this year Hannah! You are such a gifted writer and will make an amazing teacher-pianist extraordinaire 🙂

  6. Ooouuuu very interesting article! Can’t wait to see more from you!