Meet the Staff

Meet Hannah Houser: PR Content Creator

Meet fifteen-year-old Hannah Houser, one of this year’s Content Creators! Hannah is a hardworking teen located in Sevierville, Tennessee, approximately five minutes from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. She has been working alongside clay for two years. A TPSer of three years, Hannah will be entering tenth grade this upcoming school year. She will be taking English 3 with Mrs. Thomas. Hannah notes one of the best parts of attending TPS is that the challenging classes push her to be a better student while causing her to flourish as a person. A classic TPS student, Hannah enjoys attending class in her pajamas as nobody sees her face.

When she’s not meeting new TPSers, Hannah enjoys calligraphy and volleyball, a sport she’s played since sixth grade. Her favorite sports include volleyball, nine-square, football, and ultimate frisbee. Not only is Hannah an athlete, but she is also an editor for her Youtube channel, Three Hammocks Productions, which features her two younger siblings.

Hannah’s favorite verse indicates her trust in God and maturity as a person. She says Psalm 46:10, which reads, “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” gives her peace and assurance when she is anxious or worried. Hannah’s biggest goal for this school year is to get her driver’s license, to be a captain for her volleyball team, and to grow as a student, athlete, and person. As she looks toward the future, Hannah hopes to become an anesthesiologist, major in marketing and communications, or work somewhere in the dental industry.

As I wrapped up my interview, Hannah asked for some out-of-the-blue questions, and I happily obliged. When asked what she would do if confronted by a miniature minotaur, Hannah replied she would check to make sure this situation was real, take a picture of it, and run in a Usain Bolt type sprint! Speaking of mythological creatures, Hannah will neither confirm nor deny spotting a live unicorn. Hannah does think it would be awesome to have a unicorn (or a narwhal) as a pet. She says a unicorn would be sweet because it’s like a horse, but “five-million times cooler.” She also said narwhals are cool since she could ride on its back as it swam. All in all, interviewing Hannah was a pleasure, and she will be a great asset to clay this year!


  1. Hope you have an awesome year, Hannah!! <3

  2. Awesome, Hannah!! Looking forward to see what you will do for CLAY this year 😄 (This is Seychelle XD)

  3. Congratulations Hannah! Looking forward to having English class with you this year =D