Meet the Staff

Meet Hannah Cook: Content Creator

This year, I’d like to welcome Hannah Cook, who is joining the clay staff as a Content Creator! Hannah is a 17-year-old senior. Although she’s been homeschooled her whole life, this is her very first year taking classes through an online school; keep an eye out for her in Bible Survey Section 1.

During the time that I interviewed Hannah, I learned quite a few interesting things about her. Hannah lives on a farm in Erie, Pennsylvania, along with a various assortment of goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens (most of which have names), her cat Oliver, and a Husky/Australian sheep dog mix named Cooper. She has five younger siblings—two brothers and three sisters. Several of them will be joining TPS this year or sometime in the future. Hannah’s schedule is very busy with college classes and a job at Dairy Queen, in addition to her normal schoolwork and other responsibilities. Still, she is excited to spend some of her time participating in clay, not only to help her get a scholarship at her college, but also because she knows it will be lots of fun.

Despite having a more introverted personality, Hannah tends to be extroverted when she’s around her family or close friends. Having only traveled a few times within the US, Hannah is eager to visit places like Paris and New Zealand. She plans to become a fiction writer, but “not a big, famous one.” Her goal is already well on its way to achievement since Hannah’s first book is about to be published.

When I asked her for some interesting facts about herself or experiences she’s had, one thing that came to Hannah’s mind was at a 7eventh Time Down concert she attended. She not only got the lead singer’s autograph, but also had the chance to talk with him as he walked her to her car. Before sharing this story, she claimed to be an “uninteresting person,” but I would beg to differ. I had a wonderful time talking with her, and it wasn’t boring in the least! Hannah will be a great addition to the clay PR team; I can’t wait to see how her participation impacts the rest of the staff as well as the TPS community in the following months!


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