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Meet Gabriel Ratcliffe: News Correspondent

Meet Gabriel Ratcliffe, a 6-year TPS and 4-year clay veteran preparing to finish up his final year of high school. Whether it’s COVID-19, international crises and conflicts, or U.S politics, you can count on Gabe to catch you up on the details. As the news correspondent, Gabe strives his very best to portray worldwide news from an honest, unbiased perspective while reflecting God’s glory. This impartiality and God-glorifying attitude has proven invaluable to clay.

Besides clay, Gabe is involved in many activities. His favorite is basketball, something he has played for so long that it has become part of his identity. Though he cannot join a public high school basketball team due to a state law, he plays for a private school with his best friends. He also enjoys watching the NBA and is closely following the playoffs that have recently commenced. Though his favorite team, the Washington Wizards, are currently eliminated from the playoffs, he hopes to see the LA Lakers or Miami Heat advance to the Finals.

In addition to basketball, Gabe has a variety of unique interests. In his free time, he thoroughly enjoys fixing cars with his dad, and participates in hiking, camping, and fishing with his friends. In his own words, “There is nothing quite like canoeing in the wilderness of Canada or backpacking across the Appalachian trail with your friends.”

Gabe’s favorite movies include Shawshank Redemption, Dead Poet’s Society, Saving Private Ryan, Fight Club, and Good Will Hunting. If you’re scratching your head and wondering why none of those movies ring a bell, don’t feel too bad–all of them were created before 2000 and–for many of us–before we were even born. However, such movies packed with thoughtful dialogue and character development reflect Gabe’s admiration for camaraderie and tight-knit bonds with close friends.

One thing that stands out most about Gabe is that he knows exactly what he enjoys doing and holds great plans for the future. Once he goes to college, he will be entering Army ROTC, and his dream job is to be to a helicopter pilot for the Army. Then he would like to become a venture capitalist, which is an investor who must take incredible financial risks to become successful–talk about one who won’t shy away from a challenge!

If money were no object, Gabe would love to become a world traveler, as he believes that much can be learned from interacting with new people and cultures. He already is learning Mandarin and hopes to apply this in the days ahead. Gabe is a big believer in living life to the fullest and enjoying life one day at a time. His passion for life, great esteem for friendship, rare versatility, and desire to glorify God has been a vital addition to the clay team thus far, and we can’t wait to see all that he will contribute to clay this upcoming year!

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