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Meet Ethan Jo: Engineering Columnist

Meet Ethan Jo, the elevator-loving Engineering Columnist this year at clay!

Ethan will be taking a whopping four classes at TPS this year, those being College American Literature, Python Programming, Calculus BC, and Spanish 4-5. His dream jobs include going into engineering and business, and eventually designing elevators at Mitsubishi or Otis. Currently, he also considers attending medical or law school, because, in his words, “our country needs doctors and lawyers right now.”

Ethan enjoys riding his scooter and sometimes playing piano. He works on writing a book and continuing progress on his 1/18 scale model elevator. Additionally, his favorite fruits are mangoes, and he enjoys listening to Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance. Studying elevators is another of his favorite hobbies.

“I obsess over elevators,” he informs me in our e-mail conversation. “I film every one I see, especially the antiques.” His infatuation with antique elevators began when he was about four, seeing an odd elevator at a mall. Little thought was given to it for the next decade until he spotted another strange elevator. The sighting reignited his old memory, and he took to the internet to learn more about the machines. What he encountered fascinated him, particularly the information regarding older models. Now, Ethan and many other elevator enthusiasts catalogue all the lifts they encounter, as workers often replace interesting antique designs. The footage that they collect keeps these unique structures from being completely lost to time.

Just for fun, I asked Ethan what he would do if a dragon bursted its head through his bedroom wall. His reaction would depend on whether or not the dragon could breathe fire. If it could not, he would grab a fistful of sharp pens in attempt to damage the dragon enough to shoo it away. If it breathed fire, however, he would promptly jump out of his window.

You can look forward to Ethan’s informative engineering column this year at clay in the News section!


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  1. Hello, Ethan. 😀 Enjoy calc. x)

  2. Is that elevator a Montgomery Vector??! Yes, pens would definitely make good dragon weapons!! 😂

  3. Yes! It is a vector! It’s the first one I found after moving to MA.

  4. Yeah Ethan! Sharp pens for the win 😉 So excited to see everything you do this year at clay!

  5. ay a fellow Crablander

  6. Hey! I know you!
    I was just scrolling through clay news, recognized your name, and then tried to remember what class we shared. Then I remembered… it wasn’t a TPS class O.O

  7. Eeeeyyyy Ethan! Congrats👏🏻👏🏻