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Meet Emily Huang: Open Mic Editor

Meet Emily Huang, clay’s newest Open Mic editor! Emily is a fifteen-year-old sophomore continuing her second year at TPS and starting her first year at clay. She is taking six different classes with TPS this year, including Biology Honors and Introduction to Nursing, the two courses she is most looking forward to. This certainly makes sense, considering that science is her favorite subject, and biology is her favorite branch of science.

Emily has moved around quite a bit in her lifetime. Her family relocated around California a few times before living in Shanghai, China, for a year. Then, they moved to Redmond, Washington, and relocated within the state twice. She only remembers living in Washington, as she was too young to remember the previous locations.  She currently resides in Redmond, but she looks forward to moving to another city in Washington next March.

In her free time, Emily likes playing tennis, which she has been involved in for two years. Although she only intended to play occasionally, Emily enjoyed it much more than she anticipated. She frequents the court four or five times a week, even competing in tournaments from time to time. She likes meeting others who share her passion for the sport. Besides playing tennis, Emily is an avid reader – one of her favorite books is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens – and bullet journals, a hobby she just started this year.

Emily notes that she is an introvert, which lines up with her personality type, ISTJ. When asked about her opinion on the heated debate as to whether a hotdog is really a sandwich, Emily says that it is not. She explains that “sandwiches consist of two pieces of bread, and hotdogs only consist of one piece.” Likewise, she does not consider cereal soup because she doesn’t put milk on her cereal. Emily does not like the beverage and says that it makes the cereal too soggy.

Emily strives to constantly challenge and push herself to her limits in all aspects of her life, whether academically, spiritually, or physically. Her attention to detail and excitement to help others will undoubtedly make Emily a great addition to the clay staff this year!

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  1. Congrats on becoming the Open Mic Editor! Can’t wait to see the articles you edit! 🙂