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Meet Elva Lu: International News Columnist

A sixteen-year-old junior, Elva Lu is a third year TPSer and will take AP US Government and Politics at TPS this year. She lives in Southern California–her ideal place to live–with two brothers and a sister. This upcoming year will be her second year writing with clay and her second year writing the International News column. 

She decided to return to write for clay because she loves the community and because she enjoys doing the in-depth research and objective and clear reporting the International News column entails. She summarizes the importance of the International News column with these words: “It’s important to know what is happening in the world in order to understand people of different cultures and countries and to care for what affects our fellow Christians around the world.”

In five words, Elva describes herself as “extraordinarily inspiring through ordinary inquisitiveness,” and she looks up to her family and parents for showing her how to live in a way that reflects Christ’s love. If she could spend a day with any person, historical or fictional, she’d like to ask Dante, the character in Dante’s Divine Comedy, to guide her own divine comedy.

Outside of academics, Elva does speech and debate with Stoa, her favorite event being team policy debate. She also plays the piano and dances. Some of her other hobbies are baking, swimming, skiing, and camping with her family. With such an impressive list, the coolest thing Elva remembers having done was learning how to make her own homegrown and organic fortune cookies and then delivering a speech in which she did a live demonstration of how to make them. Similarly, her favorite books–besides the Bible, of course–are cookbooks that have photos as they are excellent for flipping through and for making one’s mouth water. 

In the foreseeable future, Elva is planning on going into STEM, although she is not yet certain. She also hopes to dance with a professional ballet company. 

One random thing Elva loves is the celebrated In-N-Out Burger, and one random thing that she dislikes is getting mosquito bites. When asked what her favorite Bible verse, she promptly replied 1 John 3:20, which says, “For whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything.”

Please welcome the amazing Elva Lu as our 2020-21 clay International News Columnist!

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