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Meet Elizabeth Palacios: PR Photographer

Meet Elizabeth Palacios, one of clay’s PR photographers for this year! Elizabeth is a 16-year-old, introverted, photography-loving girl from California. As our PR photographer, she is looking forward to shooting and submitting her photography work to the clay PR team. She is excited to share her photos with a wider audience. 

This is her third year at TPS, and some of her favorite classes have been Beginner to Brilliant Photography as well as Photography Going Pro. She also has really enjoyed taking English from Latin and Greek Roots and Home Economics.”

Elizabeth has a passion for the digital arts, specifically photography, photoshop work, digital art/lettering, and videography. It is no surprise that her favorite pastimes are photography, editing pictures and videos, and practicing digital hand lettering. Some of her other hobbies include hanging out with her family, crafting, gaming, designing planner sheets, and spending time outdoors. 

Her plans for the future consist of going to college, and starting a business that either sells physical products such as art or offers a service like photography. Her goals do not stop there, as displayed by the top five things on her bucket list: 


  1. Visit all (or most) National Parks since she is a huge National Parks enthusiast and has currently been to seven. 
  2. Visit Disneyworld in Florida because she has always wanted to go. She absolutely loves all things Disney, especially the Disneyland park in California.
  3. Go to Hawaii since she loves beaches. 
  4. Start a small business
  5. Photography work published or have the opportunity to photograph special events.


As I got to know Elizabeth more, I could see her fun personality shining through her answers to my questions. Although pink is her favorite color as she enjoys girly aesthetics, her second favorite color is navy blue as she also enjoys gaming and getting down in the dirt for that perfect camera angle. Hence, if she were a color she would probably be purple since she is a combination of both pink and blue. 

When she looks at life she prefers seeing the glass as half-full because as she says it is better to look at what you have rather than focus on what you do not. clay is excited to have Elizabeth on staff this year so be sure to look out for her photography!

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