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Meet Claire McDaniel: Humor Columnist

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of having a nice, long (and very wacky) call with Claire McDaniel, clay’s newest Humor Columnist. To sum up the two hours in one statement, clay could not have found a brighter, more encouraging, thoughtful, and fun person to serve in the front lines as this year’s humor columnist!

Though she was born in Chicago, where her father spent his time bravely protecting his family from ravenous pigeons on their windowsill, Claire now lives in a small town in Illinois, which she describes as “the wonderful world of corn and soybeans” with her younger brother. The energetic senior is going into her sixth year of Potter’s School with Western Literature and plans on studying Elementary Education in college after that.

In her free time when she isn’t writing humor or clowning around with her friends, Claire loves performing Shakespeare; playing piano; learning kung fu, which she modestly describes as just fierce dancing that can kill you; and jamming out to Les Misérables Broadway songs over her walkman.

Following the glorious, blazed trail of homeschoolers, Claire loves all things Star Wars, Jane Austen, and C. S. Lewis, with a special flair for the works of her beloved Shakespeare. When asked what kind of food she thought she was most like, she replied it was a three-way tie between ice cream, a frappuccino, and whipped cream—“anything cool and sweet!” And if she had her choice of where she was living right now, you’d have to fly all the way over to England and the charming little town of Cornwall to get her attention, where she’d be leaving her home every weekend to tour the country and walk through her favorite Jane Austen movie sets, commenting on them with long Anne-of-Green-Gables words, such as “Loquacious” and “Rubbish.”

Even more than her fun, goofy side, though, what really drew me to Claire was the gravity she has behind it. Her love of Jesus and determination to follow his path for her life inspired me. In response to that, I asked her for one piece of advice she would like to leave readers with. She replied that in the modern world, “As Christians, I think it’s important to love everyone, but that doesn’t always mean agreeing with everyone.” After those words of wisdom, she promptly ditched me to celebrate her father’s birthday while I scrambled trying to find an adequate way of describing her. And now that I nearly have, I have only one thing left to say: “Look out, clay, Claire McDaniel is on her way!”


  1. Hi Claire 😂😂😂😂. This is hilarious!! Also, how did I not know you liked Star Wars???????

  2. Hello, Claire! So excited for Western Lit this year… 😀

  3. HEEY there claire! Make sure you bring some m&ms to class for me ok 😉 Also i didn’t know you wanted to be a teacher! Me too!! Do yo have any college choices yet?

  4. Hey, Caire! It was an honor to write your about the staff article. I can’t wait to read all of your awesome content this year!

  5. Aw, thank you so much Sabina! Getting to interview you was seriously some of the most epic hours of my life 😉