Meet the Staff

Meet Christine Niu: Girls’ Spotlight Columnist

In her fifth year at TPS, Christine can remember a time when kids logged onto GP5 for their classes. As an eleventh grader in New Jersey and the eldest child in the family with one brother, she will be taking AP Calculus AB, AP English Language, AP Biology, French II, and Forensic Science all with TPS.  Her favorite TPS classes so far are English 3 Literature Survey, Bible Survey, and World History through Film.

The Girls’ Spotlight will shine more brilliantly than ever with Christine returning as a columnist for her second year in clay. Christine is a people person, making her perfect for the position. Calling herself “way too sociable,” she loves talking to people and learning about them. She finds writing for the Girls’ Spotlight pure fun.

Christine’s endless enthusiasm carries over to everything else she enjoys. She has far too many favorite books to list and will eagerly read just about anything, especially books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Brandon Sanderson, and N.D. Wilson. Christine also enjoys music, and she loves the versatility of the piano and likes to just sit down and “mess around with it.” She also plays the violin.  While her favorite composer varies depending on her mood, she’s partial to Debussy, Chopin, and Satie, unless she feels a Fauré, Vivaldi, or Beethoven mood. In addition to books and music, she also has stores of random knowledge about war history, writing, and horses.

As for some profound words of wisdom, Christine recommends Ecclesiastes 9:1-6. Don’t miss the Girls’ Spotlight this year! On second thought, it would be hard to miss this column with Christine as its bright, bubbly columnist.


  1. Yayyy, I’m excited to read your spotlights! Congrats =D


  3. Eeeyyyy Christine!! Congratttttsssss!!!!