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Meet Charlie Su: Photography Columnist

Meet Charlie Su, the artistic mind behind clay’s Photography column! Though you can find this junior in Taipei, Taiwan, you can also meet up with him in a whopping eight classes this year, including English 3 Literature Analysis and Composition, French 4, and Western Civilization, among many others. Charlie admits to playing favorites to AP Physics and Contemporary Music Harmony this year, and a couple of close seconds are AP Calculus and AP Computer Science. According to Charlie, he’s been attending TPS for four-and-a-half years.

However, this is his first year as a clay writer, but his column will be as good as any other article in this e-magazine. This is simply due to his passion for photography and the tools that make each picture worth a thousand words. While Charlie has always had an interest in photography, his passion was cultivated from a family friend, the lensman of a mountain climbing team, who climbed Mount Everest, capturing every step, stone, and scene along the way. Looking up to this role model, Charlie jumped on the opportunity to take a TPS photography class in his sophomore year and fell head over heels for it. Now he is unable to put his camera down! He is hoping to not only spread this enthusiasm to other aspiring photographers but to also connect with his readers and create a community via his writing.

However, when he manages to pry his finger off of the shutter button, he must deal with the heaps of homework that are bound to come when taking multiple APs. To make the process more enjoyable, he usually listens to his favorite genre of music, film scores, typically from his preferred composers, namely John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi, and James Horner. He typically mixes in his selection of classical music, classical guitar, and classic rock from his favorite composers and artists, which include Isaac Albéniz, David Russell, and the Beatles. When he manages to get a bit of free time, Charlie will watch a movie, and although he enjoys most kinds of films, he prefers motion pictures directed by either Christopher Nolan or Steven Spielberg. An essential for anyone watching a movie is some food, and our very own photographer is no different. He chiefly savors salty snacks, ranging from nacho cheese-flavored Doritos to actual nachos and from potato chips to pretzels.

One thing we can definitely look forward to is a wonderful year with Charlie as clay’s Photography Columnist! One can only expect terrific things from both Charlie and his work!


  1. Chouette, Charlie! I can’t wait to see your work this year!