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Meet Andrew Sayuk: Political Analysis Columnist

Meet Andrew Sayuk, the new Political Analysis Columnist from clay’s News team. Living in California and going into his 11th grade, Andrew is not only a new clay writer but also a newcomer to TPS. However, his first year with our online school did not stop him from taking a total of five courses, including Precalculus, Forensic Science, and the Belhaven High Scholars Program, which consists of English 4, Western Civilization, and Western Worldview. Of course, to qualify as a true TPSer, one must learn to procrastinate. Andrew confesses that you can find him watching and rewatching his favorite show, Stranger Things, before rushing to meet clay’s monthly deadlines.

Andrew’s curiosity for politics sparked from being a debater. In fact, when people were drowning in boredom and laziness during the COVID-19 lockdown, he was busy preparing for his next debate season. His love for analyzing arguments to see the varying perspectives from different people and sources eventually pushed him to pursue his interest in Political Analysis. Therefore, driven by his writer’s gene and eagerness to share his thoughts, Andrew will lead his readers to uncover the political world through his analytical eyes. He plans to cover current events and explore their effects on society and their respective surroundings.

Aside from debating and politics, Andrew spends his free time reading books while listening to music. His favorite book series is the Hunger Games, and when it comes to music, Andrew enjoys hip-hop or alt-rock by artists such as Imagine Dragons, Chainsmokers, and Drake. His favorite pastimes also include watching football. You can find him screaming at the TV, cheering for his favorite team, the San Fransisco 49ers, while munching on packages of Lays because, in his own words, he “absolutely loves Lays.”

Therefore, Andrew’s enthusiasm for Political Analysis will be a great addition to the 2020-21 clay team. Get ready to explore every sides and facets of the political world with him this year.

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  1. Very cool article! Welcome to CLAY and TPS Andrew!