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Meet Abby Snyder: Story Spotlight Columnist

Abigail Snyder has traveled all around the world in her seventeen years. Her favorite places that she’s lived in are Germany and Austria, although she also lived in China for a a year when she was nine. After one year of writing for clay, Abby decided to return for her senior year since she has enjoyed it so much. This year, her third taking classes at TPS, you can find Abby in a Creative Writing class. Here’s a fun fact about her: she prefers being called Abby, rather than Abigail.

Abby has two younger sisters, Madeline and Emma, one of them having been adopted from China. A few years ago, she and her family moved to Isaan, Thailand, where they were all excited to stay. Sadly, in this particular move they had to give away their beloved dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Blake, and they haven’t seen him since.

Her dream job when she grows up is to be a fantasy author, creating the worlds she imagines and dreams about every day. She loves dogs, wolves, and dragons a lot, employing them in her writing. In order pursue her dream job, she plans taking a creative writing class in college, kicking off her writing career fast. Her favorite book changes from time to time but she likes fantasy books, specifically ones with dragons in them. Blue is Abby’s favorite color, a cerulean shade of blue to be precise. Her favorite foods are tacos, brownies, and ice cream, but her all time favorite food is chocolate. She would eat almost anything if it had chocolate in it. Her birthday is January 17th, making her birthday pals with Benjamin Franklin.

Her favorite musicians are Rend Collective, For King and Country, and Phil Wickham, or any kind of worship music. An interesting fact about her is that her aunt worked in Hollywood a while ago, allowing Abby to meet several celebrities. As her mother says, she also met an actress from the Brady Bunch when she was a baby. Abby has also been on TV twice before, once when she was twelve and once when she was fourteen. The first time was when she and her sister’s were a part of a flash mob in a Georgia mall on Saint Patrick’s day. The second time was at her aunt’s wedding, which was being filmed for a TV show. A few of Abby’s favorite movies are National Treasure, Mirror Mirror, and The Truman Show. She also likes the animated series How To Train Your Dragon.

One of Abby’s pet peeves is getting startled. She hates it when someone jumps out to scare her on purpose. She also hates the sound of packing tape when it’s being pulled off the roll. It drives her crazy! Some of the foods Abby does not like are onions and tomatoes. She hates the texture of the onions, but doesn’t mind the taste. She simply does not like tomatoes. Abigail Snyder is one unique person. Her life is a vast, extraordinary adventure! This year, clay is fortunate to have Abby on our team. Keep your eyes peeled for her exciting stories!


  1. YAYYYY ABBYYYY!!! (…or Sammy XD) Can’t wait to read what you write!! XD