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Editors’ Note and New Opportunity!

For many students, the start of the fall semester can seem daunting, bringing with it new classes, new teachers, new friends, and new challenges. Although student life is often stressful and always unpredictable, we hope clay’s edifying and entertaining content provides a positive break to her readers this year.

Every year, clay offers new opportunities for TPS students to engage with each other and hone their talents, like the Composition Competition or the move from the TPS forums to a completely new ezine platform. This year, we’re eager to use clay as a platform to highlight the artistic talents of TPS’ student body. As a result, we would like to announce an exciting, new opportunity for TPS students: a branch of Open Mic designed to feature art, photography, and graphic design run with the help of clay’s PR team! Creative clay readers can now submit their visual media projects to be featured weekly on clay’s social media accounts. In order to answer questions about this exciting opportunity and field submissions, Emma Kelley will serve as clay’s Student Submissions Coordinator this year!

We are so excited to share what the clay team has in store, so check back each Monday to discover some exciting new columns and revisit old favorites. clay is here for the TPS community, so please continue to send articles to to have them featured on TPS’s magazine, and send your photos, art, and graphic designs to to have them featured on clay’s social media. Finally, keep an eye out for special clay events that take place throughout the year!


Jenna Koo and Madison Asher


  1. Just wondering, if I subscribed to CLAY last school year, do I need to subscribe again for this year? Or am I still subscribed? 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I can’t wait to see where you girls take clay this year! 🙂

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. i am excited

  5. Hello, I was just wondering, if any of us have articles or work we want to send as open mic, do we just send them in the email address or to the editors? 🙂

  6. I have a question I’d like to email clay, how would I go about doing that?