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Open Mic: A Tale Without a Tail by Oliver Munzer

Argos, namesake to Odysseus’ faithful dog, also shares that venerable creature’s characteristic of unbounded happiness at his master’s homecoming. On one such homecoming, Argos, eager as the paparazzi for a moment with Mum, got too close to the car, and his wagging signal of happiness was laid to eternal stillness beneath its weight. His tail was run over! But our tale is not yet told!

The alterations to Argos’s tail began on a Friday afternoon, hence a weekend stay at the clinic. Monday morning, all our thoughts winged their way to Argos and his sufferings upon the surgeon’s table. Obviously, it was a short time of suffering, for the phone soon rang,

This is very embarrassing; it has never happened before…Argos has escaped!

As Dad was leaving to join the search party, he took another call from the vet. Argos had been found! We were all very happy that Argos had not been hit by a car and had been found!

He had missed his own family so much that he had gone in search to find us and had instead found a very good thing—lots and lots of friendly children at a nearby primary school!

After Argos’s delayed operation, the Vet shared some security footage of “The Great Escape.” The master stroke that led to his escape turned out to be his pawing the emergency bar on the exit door of the building.

When Argos arrived home, he was very happy and excited to see his family, but he was not very happy to be locked up on the veranda. But still, he had lots of love and many treats and hugs. The things that most annoyed him were the daily blood tests and the “hat” that he had to wear to keep him away from his wounds. But he still enjoyed the hugs!

Surprisingly, Argos is still not careful around the car. He gets so excited that he completely forgets his pain and instead focuses on the excitement of saying “hello!” Hopefully, my next tale will not be of the Three-Legged Dog. Alas, never again will Argos wag his tail at our homecoming! Without his tail, strangers cannot read Argos’s mood, but I know it is wagging in his heart!


About Argos

Argos is a white German Shepherd who loves his family a great deal. Whenever he sees us come home, he eagerly gallops down to the front to greet us in great excitement, all the while being careless around the car, which proved his eventual undoing. Argos always makes it a game to run down to the front in a race to see who will get to the end of the fence first. Him or us?

Argos is always excited and in need to always be played with and loved. He is always eager every morning for a hug and a “Good morning Argos!” His chief annoyance is not being played with enough. But he overcomes that sooner or later by bringing the ball to me or my siblings, seeming to say with his eyes, Play with me; I have not been played with in a long time! Of course, we do not resist, which in turn leads to a lot of exercise.


A little history on Argos’s breed

The Swiss White Shepherd is actually a German Shepherd! But sadly, White Shepherds were initially put down because they were not believed to be the “right breed.” But Switzerland eventually changed that, and white German Shepherds are officially now called Swiss White Shepherds. They are a rare breed, but they are a  lot more friendly than German Shepherds.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our dog and his history!


Meet the Author

How old are you?
I am 11.

Where do you live?
I live in Bundaberg, Australia.

What classes are you taking with TPS?
I am taking German 1 Honors with Frau Young.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is probably the world I can create, the characters, and the challenge!


  1. Oliver! This is sooo cool!

  2. Great job!

  3. This is a really great story!!! I used to have a German Shepherd 🐕‍🦺

    • You mean “we” lol.

      • Yes…oops lol. Sorry sister 😁😁 Yes, we.

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          • LOLL!!!!!

          • My family has two dogs. We have a basset hound/border collie named Buster, and another dog we rescued and don’t actually know what type she is named Panda. They are both black and white and are adorable! Though Panda is evil, we all love her. She suffers from Valley Fever and the medicine we had to put her on to keep her alive made her weird. She had surgery a few years ago to remove two toes from her back left paw, but it didn’t phase her at all. She has survived Valley Fever for a little over 5 years now! She’s my survivor❤ Love you Panda! (Yes i know she’ll never see this but i still love her.)

  4. i love dogs soo much

  5. I’m editing an essay I wrote a while ago about dogs(and it needs A LOT of editing), and this has really helped me! Thanks Oliver!