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Open Mic: Moonlight at Noon by Laura Cervantez

I drew this piece on black paper, sketching it out in graphite, and then I shaded it with the white charcoal. For the reference photo, I took it in a way that made the dimmer parts even darker so that there was more contrast.


Meet the Artist

I am 15 years old, turning 16 in about a month, and I live in Turkey. I am currently taking Spanish 1, US History, E3LS, Drawing & Composition, and Chemistry. One of my favorite things about art is being able to capture an image in a way that is realistic and yet also different from simply a photograph. I enjoy being able to recreate an image, either from real life or a photo. Creating a finished drawing is also just satisfying and neat.


  1. This is beautiful, Laura!! I love the way you contrasted darkness with light. Also, the way you shaded your shadows is stunning! I love it!!!

  2. Savannah Brennan

    aww wowww laura that is so good you are so talented i’m proud of you daughter <3

  3. Jasmine Mailand

    Wow, great job! This looks beautiful Laura!

  4. laura you’re amazing <3

  5. Beren Erchamion

    Wow. That is insane. I literally thought it was a black-and-white photograph at first, and I’m an artist myself. XD Amazing job, and keep it up!

  6. wowww I thought that was a picture!! Great job Laura!!!

  7. Oh, my goodness!!!!! This is so realistic!!! Wonderful, wonderful job, Laura! ????

  8. Amazing! I literally thought that your drawing was a photo!!!

  9. Wow! This is wonderful!! Wish I could do that!

  10. Oh, wowww! That’s stunning, Laura! Like the others, I thought it was a B&W photo as well. You’re crazy talented! Awesome jobbb :}

  11. I THOUGHT THAT WAS A PHOTO! Amazing work!

  12. Laura, you are incredibly talented!

  13. Wow Laura! I knew you were talented but this looks like a photograph! I legitimately believed it was pic until I read your description! Don’t ever stop drawing!! I’ll miss you next year… ~Abby from Bio and Chem

  14. Amazing job! So realistic!