Closing Note from the Senior Editors

Dear TPS, 


Thank you for joining us for another fun year here at clay!

This year has been one of adventure, growth, and laughter. From bringing back TPS favorites like the remodeled Photography Competition to continuing standing traditions like the GP7 Music Competition, we’ve loved showcasing TPS’s amazing and diverse talents! We are continually blown away by talents demonstrated by TPSers from across the globe. And, we’ve loved working to bring you diverse articles to analyze the unfortunately dire circumstances in the world, appreciate culture and our TPS community, and bring some laughter to you all. 

Our staff has developed into a tight-knit community who are continually growing their skills, expressing creative new ideas, and using their skills to glorify God. We are sorry to leave such a rich and flourishing community of writers, creators, and students behind, but we’ll hope you’ll join the group in our stead in the coming year by applying for a position at clay

See here to apply: https://clay.at-tps.org/2020/05/01/clay-columnist-editor-application-2020-2021/

Thank you, readers, for showering our team with constant encouragement to continue expressing their creative talent and thoughtful analysis. 

Thank you, columnists, for producing carefully crafted monthly articles that we’ve all come to admire and appreciate. 

Thank you, Public Relations Team, for faithfully connecting the TPS community with amazing weekly content, words of encouragement, and gorgeous photographs.

Thank you, editors, for continually fine-tuning articles and ensuring that clay features flawless content each week. 

Without all of your support, clay would not be the publication it has grown to be today. We hope you’ll join clay for the rest of the month, and along its journey next year with the new Senior Editors! It has been a blessing and a pleasure to serve you as Senior Editors this year.



Cassie Disharoon & Leanne Zuiderveen

clay Senior Editors 2019-2020


  1. Thank you for all the staff who write and edit clay articles! They’re so much fun to read, with amazing articles written by awesome authors :}

  2. Well done Cassie and Leanne! You have done an awesome job with clay this year, and I have really enjoyed reading all the articles (and pranks 😉 ).

    • Yes, I guess I could have predicted you would have been very interested in the pranks

  3. Thank you so much! Though sometimes your dictatorship was very harsh (jk😂) You guys did a stellar job and I’m sure that all the clay readers will miss you.

  4. Emmeline Arehart

    Thank you, Cassie and Leanne, for being such amazing Senior Editors this year! It has been a pleasure to write for you! 🙂

  5. Beren Erchamion

    Thank you so much, Cassie and Leanne! You two are the best.

  6. Thank you Cassie and Leanne for all your hard work! We will miss you!

  7. Thank you so much, Cassie and Leanne! We will miss you!

  8. You were the best dictators ever. Thank you for everything you’ve done for clay.

  9. Aww we’re going to miss you so much!!

  10. Thank you Cassie and Leanne! You will be missed, our benevolent dictators!

  11. Thanks for a wonderful year of clay articles and dictatorship! Btw someone should rewrite the rules so that doesn’t happen again 😂😂.

  12. Standing ovation for our amazing Senior Editors. 😀

  13. thank you Cassie and Leann for all the hard work you’ve been doing for clay this past school year! You’ll be greatly missed!

  14. You guys were the best dictators EVER! I’m really gonna miss you 2 and bagged milk lol!

  15. i will rly miss our senior editors!

  16. Thank you so much guys, you’ve been amazing Senior Editors!

  17. Thank you so much, Cassie and Leanne for everything you’ve done as Senior Editors, classmates, and friends! We loved everything you did for clay and how much work and effort you put into running the magazine and improving the magazine. You will be missed!

    Even your benevolent dictatorship;)

  18. Thank you so much for being wonderful SEs! You guys have done so much work here on clay! You will be missed by everyone!

  19. Naomi Hochstedler

    I have really enjoyed Clay this year! Good job to all you staff =)

  20. Clay has been awesome! Thank you for everything you two have done 🙂