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clay Public Relations Team Application 2020-2021

The PR team will be responsible for maintaining the social media accounts of clay (Instagram, Facebook, and the Forums). While the social media is directly tied to the magazine, posts will extend beyond current content. We have a vision to use social media to bring the clay community to life this year, and we’re looking for a group of creative individuals dedicated to doing this. There are a total of eight positions on the team this year, with five separate positions. If you’re interested, please apply below.

PR Manager: This editor will be responsible for organizing the Public Relations team and editing their social media posts before they are published. While social media experience is highly recommended for this position, we are mainly looking for a creative individual who is dedicated to bringing awareness of clay to the broader TPS community. PR Managers will be working with designers, photographers, and writers to produce a cohesive image of clay.

Content Creators: There will be three content managers this year. These content creators will each be assigned a day of the week to post photos and graphics provided by the PR photographers and graphic designers, create captions, and work together to create a well-developed and fluid feed. As the face of the clay feed, the content managers will be required to provide professional and engaging posts.

Engagement Manager: Our engagement manager will commit to consistently liking and commenting on the clay social media photos, as well as using the clay accounts to engage with the community.

PR Photographers: Although it’s certainly helpful if all Public Relations content managers have photography and design experience, the PR team needs two enthusiastic, experienced, full-time photographers. Our PR Photographers will provide content managers with photos for social media posts. They will be required to provide about eight high-quality and TPS approved photos per month for the content managers to use in their social media posts.

PR Graphic Designer:

The PR Graphic Designer will be responsible for working with clay’s content creators and photographers to provide unique and custom graphics to be used in the clay’s social media feed. The PR Graphic Designer will provide two graphics per month for the content creators.  Applicants for this position should submit four to six samples of relevant graphic design work in their application.

Social media experience is recommended, but not required to apply for Public Relations. All team members will receive training before the beginning of the school year.


PR Manager applicants: Please edit and turn in the following piece as you would for a content creator.

We live in a life that people’s in the 1800’s would have have never dreamed of. Car’s race down the streets faithfully chauffeuring their passengers Americans walk down streets with portable phones to their ears, aircraft shooting through the ski transporting the world. Walking down Florida’s streets I see America’s diabolical technological advancements. And there’s Apple!! THE BEST THING THAT WAS EVER CREATE!!! I watch life not a admiration, but with a pinky smidge of sadness because, though techy stuff had benefits our world those benefit’s have blinds us from the the ruination that follows technology :(((((((. Take computers for example (STEVE JOBS YA’LLLLLLLLLL) which have changed our mentality in negative ways deviating us from Christian morals and causing mental diseases. YESSSS, It’s true and if you don’t believe it you’re a deluded Ronald Weasley whose been confunded. While American deepends greatly on teknology I believe it Mars life since it contribute to pollination, muscle pullulation and obesity and inadequate social skills. So what are you waisting time for? Ditch those phones, computers, and stuff them in the eekiest garbage you can find.

Though Americans heavily depends on vehicles, boats and industrial factory’s, for moral intentions, I believe the resulting pollution affects health, and the wellbeing of other creatures and plants. Vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and firetrucks save thousands of lives. Of course people should also regard this technology as cars and boat emitted gas that polluted the ocean–Pollution killed about five thousand people yearly including more than three million children under the age of five, because of Americas reliance on technology. It’s dependence also lowers, the risk of canser such as lung canser.

For example, statistics reveal that heavily reliance on technology, results in muscle atrophy, and skinniness. Of course exercising, equipment such as treadmills, is a beneficiary to many people, by sparing them from weather conditions or proving some cusion. If the treadmiller has knee-problems. Car’s also, provide swift transport: biking allows for speed and exercise ;). This reliance on motor-vehicles always results in the reduction of muscle atrophy and rotundity. Exercise, also brings doesn’t bring of of it diabetes; heart diseases; and cancer. Statistics show that about fifty percent of people, who exercise, have lower risk of colon cancer and diabetes and about thirty percent of people who exercise have lower risk of depression and/or dementia. Dr. Nick Cavill even admitted, “If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented”.

Teen-beings spend to much, time on their phones, rather than with the people around them. They check the Facemakes, and Twittle, to round up with others on social media, and and ignore the life around them. Likewise, they have loads of fun with other-people. Por supuesto, they limit their time too practices people skill thus resulting in deficites, inability to express leadership and emotions and poor communication. Fortunately this developed poor relationships and difficult lives. Surprisingly, teens often use their phones to escape the world some could call a bright light full of misterie. I mean the world is just as bad as the Walking Dead world. In reality moreover the live is dead. Teens often only notice the benefits of social media believing it too close them the extroverts to the rest of the world. “[Social media] allows us to communicate freely and see what everyone else is doing. [It] gives us a voice that can reach many people”.

While technologie benifits United Statesians spend too much time using it thus resulting in missconseption of the purpose of radiology. Technology changed the woorst qualities of people—proper social skils deteriorate, physical condicion worsened, and metal capabilities decaying. Therefore people should respect technology, and regard them delicately. Because those that don’t are knuckle heads and should never be allowed to use Technology and should thus be sent back to the fourteenth century. Check out Isaiah 1:4 for proof. Many people, especially teens believe that their time spent on technology defines, their very being. Likewise, people define themselves, not technology. Our world and our beings have drastically changed. So throw your phones and computers in the trashcan or start using them properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. For the photography position, what type of photos are you looking for and what would be an example of an assignment?

    • Hey Megan, we’re simply looking for any high-quality photos that showcase your talent:)

      • I mean’t, what type of photos will the photographer be taking if they get the job? What type of photos like portrait, still life, ect… will they make for the PR team? What general things will be needed? (sorry if that’s confusing)

        • Hmm that depends on clay’s weekly content. We want photos that will somehow connect to the content on clay and tell a story. Hope this makes sense

        • If you would like to see some examples of previous clay photographer’s work, check out clay’s Instagram. It’s a great point of reference:)

        • Ok, thanks!