TPS Seniors 2020

William Pledger – TPS Senior 2020

Flogrown in the Tampa Bay area, with Texan and Ukrainian ancestry, stands 6’3” William Pledger. The Slav Squad has been home schooled his whole education journey. He took classes at co-ops or with his mom throughout elementary school. Once he got into middle school, he wanted a higher caliber learning. He started TPS in 7th grade, taking Writer’s Workshop with Mrs. Meier. Six years later, after many enjoyable classes, friends all over the world, and some late-night procrastination, he is at the top of the proverbial mountain. William finishes his TPS legacy with 31 classes, or 1846 hours, since the GP5 days. He liked all his teachers, but some that stand out in particular are Mr. Riesen, Dr. Rockholm, Mrs. K, both Crosby’s, Mr. Gilbert, and Mrs. Thomas. Outside of the classroom, William is glad to have connected with other TPSers all over the world, including legends like Kevin Yang, Joshua Ackerson, Drew Brooks, Josiah DeBoer, and Talia Jones. He also enjoyed building a presence in the community by writing for clay the past two years, serving with TPS Chapel for three, including its Lead Director this year, and being asked to co-run the TPS memes Instagram account. Will also helped organize camp 2019’s “fist revolution,” won the unofficial TPS fantasy football league this season, and taught English 1 one week when the teacher mixed his days up. Apart from TPS, Will’s high school experience has included playing baseball, volunteering over 200 hours, working as a baseball umpire, and going on a mission trip last summer to Ukraine. Looking ahead, William will attend Florida State University in the fall, planning to study cell and molecular neuroscience. His long-term goal is to become either a physician or a researcher, fulfilling his dream to help people when they need it most. He is excited to see what the distinguished class of 2020 will achieve. He charges current students to continue representing the high reputation that TPS holds. Finally, he is eternally grateful for the way TPS has prepared his educational future and he will never forget his time here.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to become a police officer because I always desired to help other people. Also the job would have included some sweet wheels.

Favorite Bible Verse:

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” – 2 Cor 5:17

This reminds me we are all fallen, no matter what the actions are. We cannot look down on anyone for what they have done. Everyone also has an equal invitation for salvation and it should remind us not to hold back in sharing our Salvation in Christ.

Favorite Catchphrase:

“We will never be far apart because we see the same sun.” – Willsdom


  1. Eyy Will, Congrats!! It was so great getting to know you over the years especially in Mrs T’s classes and at camp. Just remember #Section5RulesForever. Good luck at FSU!

    • Thanks Jenna! You always had good insights in classes. Was looking forward to graduating with you until I found out you were only a junior xD but I guess you gotta be SE first #Section5RulesForever

  2. Congrats Pledger! Glad to know our resident Russian! And you won’t be winning anymore fantasy championships anytime soon because I’m about to take the throne this year lol Good luck at FSU! I wish you were coming to TCU instead, but we’ll have to meet up another time somewhere else so I can get my borscht! ✊🏻

    #Camp2021 👀

    • Drive over for a noles game and I’ll make you some borshcht, it’s been good keeping up this year my guy ✊
      #camp2021 you better be there for when it happens

      • Only a 13 hour drive, totally worth it for Borscht lol

        Yep I’ll definitely be there and pretend I paid 😂

  3. Congrats!! It was great meeting you at camp. Praying you will glorify Him in your life.

  4. I’m glad I got to know you a bit over the course of the past year, Will! Good luck with college.

  5. Congratulations Will! I really enjoyed Russian class sophomore year! Congrats on going to FSU!

  6. Leanne Zuiderveen

    I’ve just got to say that “slav smolder” truly suits that look. Congrats on graduating, Will. I’m sure you’ll do amazingly at FSU if you don’t forget what your major is.

    • I wondered if someone would notice the file name when I submitted it xD Thank you! I think I’ll remember it once I’m there

  7. Jonathan Reichenberger

    Nothing better than this: “Will also helped organize camp 2019’s “fist revolution,”
    Good luck at FSU my man! Maybe I’ll visit you in 2021 when UM plays FSU in Tallahassee. Go Hurricanes!

  8. Congrats, Will! It’s been great getting to know you a bit in classes this year…though you did encourage gambling in a theology class of all places. xD Best of luck at FSU and beyond!

    • Hey you participated in the game you’re no saint xD Thanks Mari, you’ll do great things going forward!

  9. Congrats Will! I had a lot of fun working with you this year.
    I hope you have a great time at FSU!

  10. Congrats Will! Eyyy Mr. Riesen is Da Bomb. And yeah… police sure get sweet wheels! Hope God blesses you as you move out of high school and into college!

  11. Congratulations Will! Your six years of VERY high caliber learning are done, so good luck at college.

  12. Congrats William! Glad to have gotten to know you a bit through clay, and I wish that student council had actually happened… Have the best time being a Nole and not remembering your major! (Go Spartans though)

    • For the record I supported the dictator-style rulership xD If i don’t remember, you better become press-secretary

  13. Congrats! I’ve enjoyed your news articles, especially the article on the Coronavirus.

  14. It’s been a pleasure knowing you this year William. Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your future!


    – Doughboy

    • Thank you C.P (I will keep your identity anonymous) hope your future is as bright as your second-to-none enthusiasm for math

  15. Congratulations William! It was memorable to have you in my Russian class again this year. Hoping the best for you in your next chapter

  16. Pledger, my man, you made it! It’s been great knowing you and I know you’ll be great in any medical field. I very much remember your nursing skills from all my camp injuries xD Praying for you man! God’s taking you places

    • Had to take care of the Yang Gang xD Enjoyed all the obscure hypothetical conversations we’ve had, don’t be a stranger

  17. Eey! Congrats!
    “I wanted to become a police officer because I always desired to help other people. Also the job would have included some sweet wheels.” WHY DO I RELATE SO MUCH TO THIS? (lol)

  18. Alessandra Gugliotti

    Congrats, William! It has been awesome getting to know you this year (lol shout out to Instagram) and surviving Pre Calc Section 3 😂. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for you! Good luck with all your awaiting Calc and math classes. 😂

    • William Pledger

      Likewise! congratulations on the end of your required math career, I’d rather be on your side there xD

  19. Josiah C DeBoer

    Here’s to the cutest chapel director ever

  20. Congratulations, William!

  21. Congratulations, William! Keep up with your math : )

  22. Congratulations! If you can do math you can do anything!

  23. William, your Honors Geometry class was definitely one that I still dearly miss! You all were such a great group and we had some fun laughs! I wish you the very best and am so glad that I can keep up with your endeavors through your aunt. Many blessings in your days to come!!!