TPS Seniors 2020

Leanne Zuiderveen – TPS Senior 2020

How would Leanne describe the past seven years and 1,920 hours in class that she has spent with TPS? She could start by describing the continual homework, the repetitive recording spiels, and the GP6 catastrophes. Or she could begin relating the endless Hangouts chats, yearly summer camps, and her involvement with clay. Leanne’s time with TPS has been an amazing experience that she won’t be likely to forget.

Leanne is incredibly blessed to have met many of her fellow TPSers in person through her adventures at TPS’s Summer Camps, Winter Camps, and the France Trip. In many ways, it was these friendships cultivated during long games of elbow tag or alongside the coast of Mediterranean that carried her through the highs and lows of her high school years. Working alongside Cassie as Senior Editor has been one of the highlights of her senior year. From late night discussions on the characteristics of Canadians with Cassie to virtual games days with the Junior Editors, clay made Leanne’s year into one of leadership, learning, and laughter.

Contrary to popular belief, however, Leanne’s life does not revolve solely around TPS. Her pastimes include playing piano and guitar and extend to a love of design and photography. She loves team sports like soccer during the cool summer evenings and plays pick-up volleyball throughout the winter. During her lengthy time in isolation, Leanne has also discovered that she is quite adept at table ping-pong. Growing up with three older brothers and a younger sister instilled in Leanne a patient nature, perseverant attitude, and love of teasing. Her Canadian loyalty runs deeper than maple syrup and moose while her Dutch roots bestowed her with an excessively complicated last name which also enables her to quickly find her name on any list – at the very bottom. On a rainy day or any day on which she is procrastinating a lengthy project, you might find Leanne squirreled away with a book and a large cup of Earl Grey tea. She also loves taking long tramps in the countryside with the family dog, Mountie, to get a breath of fresh air and burn off steam. Leanne loves her hometown, Ottawa, so she suggests giving it a visit and, of course, visiting her at the same time.

While hoping to pursue a B.A. in Communications at the University of Ottawa, Leanne will be spending the coming year working for a Member of Parliament through an intensive political internship program. Through this experience, Leanne is hoping to gain practical experience and be equipped to make a meaningful difference in Canada. She is eager to get a chance to make a positive social change in Canada and engage in political activism. Leanne is excited (and slightly nervous) to discover the adventures that lie ahead, but she is praying for God’s wisdom, peace, and strength to fill her heart as she forges forward.

A few of the things on Leanne’s bucket for the coming years? Travel Canada from coast to coast, admire the Northern lights, start a photography/design business, revive her blog, visit Europe with her younger sister, and go on a road trip to visit each of her TPS friends.


When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

From a young age, I was convinced that I would be an author. I wouldn’t let the fact that I couldn’t spell and called myself an “Athor” deter me. I was also fascinated with becoming a garbage collector simply because I was told they were paid well. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be paid big bucks to ride on the back of a truck?

Favorite Bible Verse

One of my favourite portions of scripture comes from Psalm 42.

This psalm reminds me to continually yearn for God’s Word and confidently hope in Christ despite the impending storms of life.

Favorite Catchphrase

« Ce n’est pas possible ?!? C’est possible. » The infamous talking pineapple says it all: It is possible.

And because indecisive Leanne couldn’t just pick one: “Be adventurous in trusting God”


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  1. Congratulations Leanne, and great job on clay! I’m actually Dutch-Canadian too!

  2. Congratulations Leanne!! You were such an amazing SE and we’ll really miss you! Though I must say I’ll be forever scarred by your dictatorship;). Good luck on your internship!

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      Thanks Jenna! I’m going to guess that you weren’t overly scarred by our dictatorship considering you’re taking up the torch yourself. All the best with clay; you’ll do awesomely!

  3. Leanne, you have been an awesome SE and an even better friend this year. Congratulations on your internship — you’re going to do great things in your life!

  4. aww man, you would have been a great athor

  5. Leanne!! Congratulations! You’ve been an amazing senior editor and a great friend!! Congratulations again!

  6. Aw it’s been so great getting to know you over the past year, Leanne! You and Cassie did SO well with clay this year. Félicitations for graduating! Hope we can meet up again soon! C’est possible :).

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      C’est très possible; I’m still rooting for a France trip reunion! It was awesome to spend three weeks with you this summer!

  7. Just said a prayer for your future. So excited for you, congrats!! It’s been such a joy getting to know you a little at camps. Your smiling face is always a pleasure to see. Praying God will use you in amazing ways for His glory.

  8. Congratulations, Leanne! Thanks for being such an incredible SE–it’s been a blessing to get to know you a bit over the past year. I’ll definitely miss working with you and laughing away Saturday mornings in quarantine during editor game days…and yes, I’ll even miss the infamous Tyrannical Dictatorship. 🙂 Wishing you all the best for your future!

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      Thanks Mari! I’ve loved getting to know you! And if any dictatorship involves Quiplash with Mari, it’s sure to be missed.

  9. Yes go Canada! you represent it well. Expecting an invite 24 Sussex when you’re the Prime Minister.

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      We’ll plan the class of 2020 reunion there! Just need to convince Cassie to forgo her dislike of the cold to become my Press Secretary and then I’m all set to run for PM! Except I’m sure I could convince you to be my Press Secretary if I offer free Tim Hortons for life, so that’s always an option…

  10. U r from Canadalol I am too! Tysm for ur hard work

  11. So excited to see what you do in the future! TPS Winter Camp memories forever!

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      That Winter camp was fantastic. Great bonding moments while getting lost in the woods on that challenge hike!

  12. Congrats on that amazing internship Leanne!
    Thank you for being an amazing senior editor this year!

  13. Congratulations, Leanne!
    You were an epic Senior Editor and classmate. 🙂 You’ll be great!

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      The “Best Class of the Century” for the win! So much fun having class with you and getting to read your column each month!

  14. Congrats Leanne! You were a great SE all of TPS will miss you!

  15. « Tu es un ananas?!?! Oui, je suis un ananas. » I miss having you as a roommate, wearing clothes that don’t match, staying up too late talking about random things, and sharing hugs with you. Congratulations!

  16. Congrats Leanne!

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      Thanks Mr.C! Loved having World History with you and seeing those fantastic wigs during Dodge ball!

  17. Thanks so much for being such a hard working SE!

  18. Congrats Leanne! Aside from the heretical bagged milk, you’ve been an absolutely amazing SE.

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      *sigh* I’ll never be forgiven for that one… Thanks for putting up with all my Canadian faults anyway! It was always fun reading your column.

  19. lol, yes, that is what i wanted to be when i was younger. A garbage collector! LOL! ((((:::::::

  20. TPS - Mom & Dad

    Leanne, we are SO proud of you! Congratulations on completing your High School studies with TPS. Taking High School classes with TPS is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and self-motivation. You did it! The Lord has brought you thus far and will be your guide in the years ahead. We are excited to see how you will use the gifts the Lord has given you to serve Him.
    Love always, Mom & Dad

  21. Congratulations, Leanne! You have fun adventures in store!

  22. Congrats Leanne!! It was so fun meeting you at summer camp! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!! oh and yes please do that road trip to visit all of your TPS friends. 🙂

  23. Félicitations Leeanne! Que Dieu te bénisse dans l’aventure à venir. 🙂

  24. Natalie Paravalos

    Congratulations on getting an internship at Parliament! I read that you live in Ottawa, and so do I! Thank you for your work at Clay as well!

  25. So proud of your accomplishments and you were an awesome math student as well! Best wishes on your future endeavors!

  26. Claire McDaniel

    Congrats Leanne!! I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you, and know the Lord has amazing things planned for your life : ) Best of luck at U of Ottawa! Canadian government is going to be very lucky to have you 😉