Girls’ Spotlight: Amelie Masson & Eliana Isom

There are two this time.

I smile to myself and stand up to greet them. They enter cautiously, but clearly interested. I have not told them what they’re about to do, but simply asked them if they’d be willing to participate in a new style of Spotlight interview.

“Amelie. Eliana. Hey.” I greet them each, motioning to the two chairs placed across from each other. “Thanks for coming.”

They sit down and look inquiringly at each other, then at me.

“I assume you know how Spotlights work?” I begin. They nod. “I interview people – girls, obviously. I write an article. But this time… you know it’s April. And April means April Fools’. I figured I’d try something different. I’m having you two – strangers – interview each other instead.” They look at each other in amusement. “It’s not really routine questions either – go with the weirdest questions you can think of off the top of your head, you know? I’ll just be recording and seeing how this goes. First, what are your ages and grades?”

“I’m sixteen,” Amelie says in response. “Eleventh grade.”

“Fifteen and tenth,” Eliana answers after her.

“Thanks.” I look up. “Can both of you give me one random fact about you? Just a starter question,” I add apologetically.

Eli jumps in. “I have double-jointed thumbs,” she offers.

Amelie says, “My least favorite food is brussels sprouts?”

“Thanks,” I say, settling back to watch the show and transcribe the questions and answers as they come. “Go ahead now.”

Eli hesitates and then turns to Amelie, taking initiative by questioning with an entirely deadpan face, “Can you give me proof that you aren’t a random robot cyborg created by Christine to fool me?”

Equally deadpan, Amelie shoots her answer back. “No, but I guess we will find out, won’t we?”

Eli raises an eyebrow. “Mildly frightening,” she comments.

Amelie simply smiles.

Eli’s next question comes quickly and directly. “If the sky suddenly collapsed, what would be your first thought?”

Now Amelie hesitates but replies with, “I don’t think I would have any thoughts. I’d probably just stand there until I got squished.”

I stifle laughter from my perch.

Amelie inserts her own question. “Would you prefer to have pink hair or green hair?”

Eliana’s response is wonderful. “Green hair. It would look horrid but hey, weren’t hats made for the sole purpose of covering green hair?” She grins before continuing. “What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you because of a family member?

“Well, my sister and I always argue about stupid stuff. One time, we argued in front of some really close friends. That was pretty embarrassing. If you had to choose between Santa or Peter Pan to spend the rest of your life with, who would you choose?”

“Peter Pan. I never believed in Santa, but Peter Pan was one of my childhood heroes.” Eli nods sagely.

Amelie continues. “If you could live on any planet, where would you live?”

Eli laughs suddenly before responding. “I would live on Venus and die from toxic fumes, along with extreme heat. Why again do people want to live on other planets? I’m kidding, I would love living on Mars…surrounded by the stars and beautiful darkness.”

In the corner, I nod in agreement.

“What’s a super random trait you have that your friends ignore because they love you?” Eli now.

“Well I have a super random trait of being…random. I say random things at random times, but my best friends just laugh and embrace the weird things about me.”

“Would you rather be a unibear or a unicorn?”

“Definitely a unicorn. They are so pretty.” Amelie laughs. “ Oh… what is something that you hate about yourself, but that others love?”

Eli pauses, considering the question for a moment. “I love my friends so much. They love everything about me… including my strange brand of weirdness that I don’t like. If you were to meet Kermit the Frog, what would you say to him?”

“Is he the one from The Muppets?” Amelie questions. Eli nods. “If so, I don’t know what I’d say to him. I’d probably just pat him on the head and say I’m a fan, sort of?”

They seem to have run out of questions for the moment, so I step in and say, “Thank you guys so much. That was awesome!”


  1. Haha this is great and was so fun to read

  2. Ahhh, this was awesome! Great job as always, Christine!

    It was awesome reading about Amelie and Eliii! Now I know more about mah granddaughter, Eli, hehe :}

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    And omssss, I’m so happy mah Child got spotlighted, your answers were amazin’ and so funny *hugs Child* <333

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  7. Haha this is awesome Christine! Thanks so much for choosing me x) I enjoyed reading through it so much 🙂

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    *hugs Ewi* it was nice knowing more about you sisterrr


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    Miss you SOO much Amélie!!!

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