TPS Seniors 2020

Emily Green – TPS Senior 2020

Even though Emily has a U.S. passport, she spent her whole life in Indonesia riding boats on rivers, taking many plane rides, and traveling the world with her family. When she is not working on schoolwork or teaching at the local ballet school, she enjoys reading, painting, drawing, and dancing. Emily is dedicated to her studies, averaging eight TPS courses each year in her four years with TPS and will be receiving the Honors Diploma. Next fall, she will be attending James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia to pursue a dual degree in Architectural Design and Dance. She hopes to join in productions at the nearby Rochester Ballet Theater during her time at JMU. Emily is so excited to begin her studies at JMU, live in the United States for the first time, and embrace the huge changes coming her way.

Emily started with TPS part time, only taking four classes, in her freshman year. She just missed GP5 and fondly remembers the old violin GP6 music. After one year taking art classes with Mrs. Beachler, German with Frau Young, Geometry with Mrs. K, and English 3 with Mrs. Fred, it was clear to Emily and her family that TPS was a good fit. She excelled in the hands-on learning and frequent interactions with her teachers and classmates. Along with the decision to join TPS full time the following year came the ambitious decision to pursue an honors diploma. The following year, Emily would stay up late into the night to attend her classes. Through her time with TPS, Emily has grown and matured as a student and person. In her junior and senior years, Emily had the life changing opportunity to attend the TPS France Mission Trip in Southern France. It was in the sunshine of France that she met some of her closest friends and deepened her relationship with God. This past year, Emily has taken part in TPS’ clay Magazine as the Art Columnist. The opportunity to be a part of the TPS community has been an important part of her highschool years as she has formed meaningful relationships with students and teachers who have grown with her and helped her learn.

Some of the favorite places she has visited are Switzerland, France, and beaches on the shores of Indonesia. She has grown up speaking English, Indonesian, and Bahasa Palembang on a regular basis and has happily studied French and German with TPS. Through TPS, Emily has taken many phenomenal classes. Some of her favorites include German 1-4 with Frau Young, French 1-2 with Madame S., English 3 with Mrs. Fred, and Western Lit Journeys and Quests with Mrs. Wood.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. As the baby of the family, I loved caring for younger children when I got the chance. I still have an interest in teaching and caring for children.

Favorite Bible Verse:

For years, I would have said that Romans 8:39 was my favorite Bible verse. However, in the past year, 1 Peter 5:7 has been a particular comfort and prayer for me, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Whenever I feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, I remember this verse to calm my heart.

Favorite Catchphrase:

It’s important to be optimistic!


  1. Emily, it’s been awesome taking Physics and AP Calc with you! I hope JMU treats you well! =)

  2. Aw congratulations, Emily! I’m truly IMPRESSED that you stuck with the honors diploma and every other amazing thing that you’ve achieved so far. Good luck at James Madison :).

  3. Leanne Zuiderveen

    Congrats Emily! I really can’t believe I only met you nine months go! You are such a beautiful, joyful, and dedicated friend and I know you’ll do amazingly at JMU.

  4. Hi Emily I enjoyed ur bio! Are you a grader?

    • Hi Cassidy, thank you! I am, I think I’ve seen some of your work 🙂

      • Oh cool! I think your a really good grader! You always have good feedback on how i can do better! Thank you!

  5. Love you so much Emily!! I wish you all the best and so much happiness in your next adventures 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Emily! You’ve been a wonderful columnist and I’m glad to have worked with you. Thanks for teaching me how to play Drawful with Leanne that one time. Wishing you the best!!

  7. Congratulations to u, Emily!! So happy to see you reach this milestone in life. God is for you, therefore, nothing set against you will prevail! We trust Him to grant you the desires of your heart! ❤️

  8. Omigosh you’re soooo pretty!!! And I looooove you’re haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations on completing your high school experience in such a stellar and exciting way! Best wishes for freshman year at JMU. God bless you as you continue to explore and develop your talents andand to share them with the world.

  10. Congratulations, Emily!

  11. Melissa Huisman

    Congratulations Emily! Enjoy JMU!

  12. Félicitations Emily!

  13. Congratulations Emily!