Behind the Microscope

This column offers a brief glimpse into the broad field of science and technology. Within those two areas, one can take numerous paths or even blend both. We only reached comprehension of these subjects thanks to the discoveries of curious and brilliant minds. While God is the one who designed concepts like cell structure or electronics, it took interested individuals with persistent dedication to uncover those concepts. Imagine where society would be if Edison had given up on his light bulb experiment, or Pasteur did not chase his questions into bacteria and contamination. Those innovations may have come from later on, but maybe they would not. Just because humanity has come this far with new breakthroughs, we should not be content. Hidden within our generation are the next leaders and innovators; I aim to do so within the health field.

Science has always interested me. One of my grandfathers is a cancer researcher, and the other was the dean of physics at a university; I think that’s where I got my passion for the subject. When I was young, I enjoyed watching baking soda and vinegar mix together to make a fizzy, bubbly reaction. I wondered why soda exploded when I shook it then opened it, and water did not, or how washing my hands was beneficial for me when I did not see anything different. Growing older and taking classes with more depth continued to fuel my interest. The great science teachers at TPS, including Mr. Riesen, Dr. Rockholm, and others, only further inspired me. Biology always captivated my mind, especially with the way the body handles infections or injuries and corrects those problems on its own or with medical advancements. In summer 2018, I had the opportunity to attend a week and a half camp at Vanderbilt University. Getting a more personal look at the field of medicine, I realized I wanted to carry on my passion for science in the future. Today, as a senior looking forward, I intend to study a science-related field at college this fall. After that, I want to become either an M.D or Ph.D. I would also like to get an EMT certification at some point along the path. I have received training in CPR and bleeding control, and I carry a few readiness kits with basic first aid treatment. However, I would like to further my knowledge. Whatever route I end up taking, I want to help others because I do not like seeing people hurt, especially if there is something I can do about it.

No matter where my life path goes, I want to be at the top. I do not intend to sound prideful; rather, I do not want to settle for what is mediocre or satisfactory. A wise person once told me: “Whatever you want to do in life, be the best that you can be.” People like to express their hopes for our future, which may interfere with our own wants. Personally, it worried me a lot that I would let others down if I chose a certain future. Eventually I learned to chase what I truly love and not worry about others’ opinions. I charge you to do the same. Anything is in your grasp if you truly try. In whatever we do though, we must never forget to bring glory to God. In Psalm 43, David asks for vindication, also known as justification. He asks God: “O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man! For You are the God of my strength; why have You rejected me? Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy? O send out Your light and Your truth, let them lead me; Let them bring me to Your holy hill And to Your dwelling places.” We are nothing without God, He provided everything that makes us who we are. Make sure your soul is right with Him, everything else will follow accordingly.


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