TPS Seniors 2020

Jake Moore – TPS Senior 2020

Son of a U.S. Navy helicopter pilot and a superhero home-school mom, Jake is a fan of anything Lego, Star Wars, and especially Lego Star Wars related. A self-proclaimed “Jake-of-all-trades”, he enjoys building with Legos, light-saber dueling, playing soccer, interviewing fictional characters for the sake of hilarity, or letting his imagination run wild in a sandbox video-game during his free time. Although quite adamant about not being called “Jake from State Farm”, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. As a “Navy Brat”, Jake has moved from state to state several times, and once lived for three years on the tiny Pacific island of Guam. More recently, moving has been less frequent, and Jake has had more time to spend with friends before his next move to college. Out of the classes he takes, he enjoys studying Calculus and U.S. History with the Crosbys and learning about British Literature with Ms. Wood. After graduation, he plans to attend Anderson University in South Carolina where he will major in Biochemistry, hoping to use that degree to get a job in the field of forensic science. Needless to say, Jake will miss TPS, the opportunity to meet classmates from around the globe, and writing his column for clay magazine, but he is excited to see what the Lord has planned for him on the road ahead.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Back in my youth as it were, I wanted to be a helicopter pilot like my dad. While the career path has changed somewhat, I would still love to learn to fly a helicopter… after I learn how to drive a car.

Favorite Bible Verse:

Joshua 1:9 has encouraged me through tough times, reminding me that God is always with me no matter where I go, and that I have no reason to fear when God has my back.

Favorite Catchphrase:

“Never tell me the odds!”


  1. cool! I absolutely love your articles, and I will miss your disclaimers!

  2. Dude clay will have a serious problem when you leave :'(
    I call on someone to take up Jake’s spot and carry on the tradition

  3. Popping on to say congrats to my old columnist! =D Congratulations, Jake!

  4. Clay without your interviews???????? This is a CATASTROPHE!! It will never be the same after this. *sob*

  5. Jake!! clay will miss you and your column. Best of luck to you in college!

  6. Congrats Jake!!!

  7. Congrats Jake! It’s been great getting to know you in AP Calc and I’ve always loved your interviews, clay will miss you

  8. Honestly, this ….is… TRAGIC!

  9. Congratulations, Jake! Keep up with your math : )

  10. “He likes anything Lego, Star Wars, and especially Lego Star Wars.” You just described my brother.