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Your Un-paralleled April Fool’s Jokes

April 1 has always held a special place in my life. Surprisingly, I have lived through fifteen of them, although I don’t remember a fifth of them. It has been a time for things I don’t get to do for the rest of the year, such as the pranks. This year, I decided to take it to the next level. Since I didn’t know what exactly I was going to do, I decided to consult the best thing that I knew: Google. Now, I will be introducing to you three ingenious and simple but somewhat evil pranks that I found.

It is a well-known fact that eggs go rotten pretty quickly when they are left at room temperature and when they go rotten they end up smelling pretty bad. So why not bless someone with this lovely aroma mysteriously floating around their home? There are 5 steps to accomplishing this marvelous task.

  1. Get an egg
  2. Find a place to hide the egg
  3. Place the egg in the hiding spot (i.e a ventilator) 
  4. Leave the egg in the hiding spot
  5. Remove yourself from the premises immediately 

After you have finished these five steps, have fun feeling grateful that you, hopefully, didn’t put it in your own house. 

As students of an online school, our computers are vital parts of our lives. We stare at these screens for hours on end listening to the voices of our beloved teachers. They contain everything we need from classes to homework to socialization. But what if these things just disappeared but in the most random way? I’m not talking about the casual disappearance of our computers, but rather the appearance of a new computer.  

  1. Find cardboard
  2. Cut out the shape of the computer you’re replacing
  3. Add details
  4. Take the actual computer and hide it
  5. Replace it with the cardboard computer

Personally, I have experienced that it is better to have the real computer on hand just in case things get a little out of control when your plot is discovered. 

As any responsible student, getting to class on time is essential. Occasionally, we may sleep through an alarm or forget what time it is. Let’s just set an example. Now that most of the country is doing online school, each student just needs to wait to open their computer and then join the class. You wake up one morning to find that it’s an hour till class according to the clock in your room, so you just chill around. But when you look around your house each clock says that it’s a different time of the day. What are you supposed to do? This prank is a classic!

  1. Determine where all of your victim’s time-telling machines are
  2. Change them one by one so that they are all set to different times
  3. Sneak away without leaving any traces of your presence

Now, you just have to make sure you have an apology on hand. 

I hope that these pranks help you in your future! Have fun and please make sure you stay alive while you carry out these deeds. 

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  1. sorry, the “stay alive” warning was too late in my case. XP

  2. Oh no!!! This is hilarious!

  3. LOL! I am going to do the clock one next April.

  4. Lol, these are great! I’ll definitely have to do one of these sometime.

  5. That is eeeeevil, but I like it xD

  6. wooooooo! That sounds like fun!