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Tips to Succeed in Dance

Since dance summer intensives are just around the corner for dancers, I thought I would share some very important tips for success in dance. These tips will absolutely help you succeed in dance and sharpen your technique in no time!

First of all, don’t warmup. Every single ballet teacher on the planet has told you to stretch and warmup before starting any workout. But honestly, this is a just a suggestion. I mean I usually have zero time before class to stretch because I have mountains of homework, and there are much more important things to do like playing Xbox or watching Avengers: Endgame. Either way, not warming up keeps your muscles tight which will motivate you to push more!

One of the most important tips that I can give is to eat anything and everything you want. After dance class or a day at a summer intensive, you are absolutely starving! I absolutely crave everything from burgers to a whole pot full of popcorn. While it’s important to eat vegetables, chocolate cake is much healthier. Furthermore, eating candy and cake at midnight while studying for your math exam helps with sore muscles.

My third tip would be to stay up all night. This tip I believe I have mastered considering all the Mandalorian episodes I had to watch before the next day. While it is super important to get beauty sleep, it is more important to study for a test the hundredth time, catch on your favorite YouTubers, watch Netflix, or clean your room at three A.M. because you suddenly feel like making your sibling clean your room. Furthermore, procrastinating on homework will guarantee that you will have to study till midnight or past that for your test due the next day, and you’ll get an amazing score! Moreover, eating at midnight will guarantee that you will stay awake way past midnight and totally not get fat.

Probably the most fun part about ballet class is the opportunity to make fluffy pancakes when you’re bored. I usually take a little portable stove to cook my pancakes, but I have seen many dancers make homemade fires. But I suggest doing whatever is most convenient to you. I also sometimes like to dump all the syrup on the floor after class so that we can have our own slip and slide.

And for goodness’ sake, forget water. You don’t need it. The majority of our body may be made of water, but drinking water is only essential for certain circumstances. I find that I only need water when I am drenched in sweat and my throat is very parched. But if you desperately need water, then try drinking the water from the faucet in the bathroom in front of a bunch of classmates five minutes before class, or drink the water from your spray bottle that is used for your hair. And, when you are drinking water, make sure you drink a lot so that you’re so full that you become a giant water-full blob on the floor.

So those are all the tips I have for you! Have fun applying these tips!


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  1. LOL! This is hilarious!

  2. xD Awesome job, as always!
    Keep up the good work, Sash <3

  3. Ahahaha, Sashira, this is hilarious! Great job!!!

  4. Thank you all X) Glad I could make y’alls day a little brighter!

  5. Lol!!! I though this was for real with the first paragraph and I was like “um…. I don’t think that’s right…..” then I realized it was all a big joke — so then I was enjoying and laughing at the article and now I can laugh at myself for taking it seriously with the first paragraph XD

  6. So bottom line, GJ!!! This was a lot of fun to read. I’m always excited to see that there’s more dance articles to enjoy!

  7. Oh no!!! This is great lolol

  8. Hilarious!! I read this at first and thought you were serious:)

  9. OMG!!! I was like let me keep reading. I was so confused 🙂 lol

  10. ahah this is hilarious xDD

  11. As a dancer, I can verify that this is the greatest advice you can follow! 😉

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    Good Job Sash!

  13. I was thinking “Wait a sec…. this isn’t right…… hmmmm” then I realized “Ohh it’s a joke!” and I laughed on all the other stuff! (I may take that chocolate advice tho…)

  14. I just need to keep coming back to this lol! I can’t even!!! omigosh!! rofl
    “I usually take a little portable stove to cook my pancakes, but I have seen many dancers make homemade fires.”
    ahahahahahahaahahhhhhaaaaaa!!!! YeS gEt ThOsE FrIeS!!!