The Beginner’s Guide to April 1st

What better way to begin April 2020 than with a helpful guide to April Fool’s Day pranks? If you pay attention and take good notes, this month will definitely get off to an interesting—and hilarious—start! 

Tip #1: 

Don’t ever be predictable. A rubber snake in the silverware drawer? Boring. Hair dye in the shampoo bottles? Highly outdated (especially if it’s green). Don’t even think about switching the salt and sugar containers, taping down the “on” button of the sink sprayer, short-sheeting your little sister’s bed, or jumping out of dark closets with a goblin mask. Those are all way-too-obvious April 1st pranks—try doing them on the first of a different month for better results.

Tip #2:

Creativity is everything!!! Even if you are forced, under dire circumstances, to make do with cliché pranks, you can still pull off a wonderfully exciting April 1st with a bit of imagination. Add some glitter. Add some super glue. There is pretty much always something interesting you can add, if you look around the kitchen or in the school-supply drawer. 

Tip #3: 

Ask your fellow pranksters for suggestions. Maybe they’ll be kind enough to give you a list of all the pranks they’re not brave enough to try on their own family, for fear of being grounded indefinitely without gummy bears. Of course, if you get a list like that, be sure to try out a few on the friend who suggested them. 

If your friends don’t help, you can always find a book or article about April 1st. Any good guide will have plenty of suggestions, and this one is no exception!

One – Do some remodeling. This doesn’t have to be your house—it could be any place you possess (or acquire) the keys to. Wait until the owners are gone, then sneak in and rearrange. The sofa goes in the laundry room, the toaster oven should be either upside-down in the fireplace or halfway up the staircase, and every cup, plate, and bowl must be thoroughly strewn everywhere except the kitchen. Flip over the kitchen table and neatly replace the tablecloth so they won’t suspect anything. If you have time, gather toothbrushes, soap dispensers, and computer mice and hide them. Don’t forget to incriminate your siblings by signing their names on all the mirrors in toothpaste!

Two – You can find pretty much any sound bites you could imagine on the Internet nowadays, so use them! Rooster crowing, elephant trumpeting, Tarzan’s theme call… all great ideas. I’ve heard that if you turn on a chainsaw recording at maximum volume around midnight, you will achieve marvelous results. And don’t even get me started on the amazing capabilities of UFO sounds…

“Once when we were living in China, my family came for a visit. None of them had been to Asia before, and they were quite worn out from the long journey. After a meal, we sat around the table to talk. How we ended up discussing unexplainable UFO sightings, I don’t know. It created a sense of eeriness and humor as everyone retired to their borrowed bedrooms. And then my husband and I remembered that it was April 1st. We quickly found UFO sound bites online and played them on our computer outside the bedroom occupied by my brother and sister-in-law. My husband moved a flashlight beam back and forth underneath their door, and we tried our best to stifle our laughter. Our goal was not really to convince them of an extraterrestrial invasion but to provide some entertainment. We certainly weren’t expecting my brother to burst through the door with a crazed look in his eyes. He’d missed the joke altogether and assumed that the strange noises were coming from his laptop, which he’d just warily plugged into the 220-volt wall socket. Our light and sound display led him to assume that years of work and saved files were about to go up in smoke. I think he might have been relieved even to find a troop of Martians outside his door.”

-Stephanie Snyder

Three – Borrow your neighbor’s garage-door opener and position yourself in a good spying location. When they’re outside, open their garage door. Wait for them to get over their confusion… and then close it again. Repeat this until they remember the date and come searching for you. Note: this prank also works if you use someone’s car keys to repeatedly pop open their car trunk whenever they close it. 

Four – Pranks involving food are always deliciously satisfying. The most obvious suggestion is substituting ingredients, preferably with inedibles (imagine the look on your brother’s face when he finds a sock in his chocolate cake). Things that are edible but much disliked also work. 


Brussels sprouts in cake pops


“It was April Fool’s Day, and our sweet, unassuming grandma pulled a fast one on the whole family. She purchased some Brussels sprouts and dipped them in chocolate and sprinkles, then attached them each onto a stick. Carefully placed picture-perfect in a glass, they looked just like cake pops. In walked our unsuspecting uncles and cousin, and the first thing that grabbed their attention was the covert display of cake pops. They each reached for a pop, took a bite, and nearly gagged in surprise. Thus ended the innocent reputation of our grandma.”

-Dawn, Isaiah, & Sarah Weindelmayer

Well, hopefully those tips got you started on successful April 1st pranks! Now it’s time for you to put your ideas into motion—and don’t forget to have someone on hand taking videos!

Photo Credit: Hutchins-McNutt, Dusty. “Brussels Sprouts Cake Pops.” Cooking Mamas, 29 Mar. 2018,


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