How to Maximize your “Coronacation”

So you wake up one day and get the news. Whether you hear it through social media, a friend, or family member, you find out that school is canceled. Now, for us TPS students, this doesn’t really mean too much. However, for those who take classes at your local community college, classes at a co-op, or even are a part-time public/private schooler, this affected you. At first, you are excited! You can sleep in, maybe slack a little on schoolwork and hang out with friends until your teachers figure out how to work Zoom or whatever online system they use to have class.
After a few days, things are not so bad. You’re hanging out and just enjoying your time off, but then, things take a turn for the worse. You are no longer allowed to see your friends and have been commanded by your mother and father to “social distance” yourself from everything fun and enjoyable in this life.

So now your six-month, would-be summer “vacation” is now treacherous. Well, fear not, for I am in the same boat as you! I too was looking forward to a quick break, seeing friends, and having essentially zero responsibilities. Here are a few things to do while trying to escape crippling boredom.

1. Sleep: So, for most of us tired and burdened students, one thing that most of us lack is sleep. If you don’t have any online morning classes, I encourage you to sleep in and catch up on the several years of lack of sleep.

2. TikTok: Okay, hear me out. As most of us know, TikTok is an app that lets you create videos that can range from dancing to comedy. The longest video you can make is one minute long. TikTok definitely has an interesting reputation. Some hate it, finding it cringe-worthy and hard to watch, and some (like myself) find themselves up until 3 A.M., scrolling and scrolling until they fall asleep. During your time of immense boredom, if you can’t think of anything else to do, then this app can potentially keep you busy for hours on end.

3. Netflix: If you thought TikTok addiction was serious, then Netflix should be outlawed. For a lot of us students, the majority of our schoolwork is done by reading. Now I understand you spend hours and hours per day reading for homework, so you might not want to spend this time sitting down and doing more reading. That’s where Netflix comes in. Netflix has thousands of movies and shows to pick from. Netflix Party is also a really cool feature; it allows you to watch movies or shows in unison with friends, allowing for live chatting while watching. It’s basically the same as having an online class, except that instead of memorizing formulas, dates, and reading, you get to watch your favorite actors and actresses in your favorite movies!

Congratulations, with these three very simple activities you can find yourself waking up at noon and going to bed at 3 A.M. and not dreading the time in between.


  1. This is great! Awesome job, Gabe!

  2. Cool! Thanks Gabe!

  3. Great ideas! I’ll have to keep those in mind.

  4. hahahahahah, great advice. (well, not for us home schoolers! o-O)