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clay Photography Competition 2020 Winners

Good day, my fellow TPSers!

To all of you who participated in this competition, thank you so much for entering. All of you have done an excellent job with your work. Without further ado, here are the top 3 winners of each category:



1st place: Amelia Clark

From Fire and Ice by Robert Frost


2nd place: Eugene Nugent

From Sunrise Through the Trees by Amos Russel Wells


3rd place: Valerie Rice

From It Will Make You Smile by Mae Stein


Black and White

1st place: Rachel Hahn

From The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


2nd place: Charlie Su

From Acquainted with the Night by Robert Frost


3rd place: Amber-Rae Andrews

From I’ll be beside you by anonymous



1st place: Hannah Ling

From Breakdown by Hannah Ling


2nd place: Canaan Yan

From Falling Swiftly by Canaan Yan


3rd place: Millie Jeske

From The Dogwood Tree by Barbara Gorelick



1st place: Micah Shannon

From Sunlight Through the Trees by Ronald E. Shields


2nd place: Elliot Kuo

From The Moon Was but a Chin of Gold by Emily Dickinson


3rd place: Anna Webel

From Sunflower Eyes by Valerie


And now for the final, overall winners:

1st place: Hannah Ling

2nd place: Micah Shannon

3rd place: Rachel Hahn

Congratulations, all three of you. Your submissions have truly impressed us. As always, thank you all for participating, and God bless during these trying times.


  1. Woow these pictures are amazing!!! Great Job you guys!!!


  3. Awesome job, everyone! Your pictures were all aMaZiNg!

  4. Awesome job guys! These pics are super good!

  5. whoa good job everyone! These pictures are so beautiful!

  6. WOW! These pics were amazing!! Great job, guys!!

  7. Great job, y’all! Everyone’s pictures were fantastic!

  8. aww these pics are awesomeee! Nice job!

  9. Natalie Paravalos

    Wow, great job everyone! Your pictures were amazing!

  10. Great job, Charlie! Awesome pic!
    And congrats to everyone!! 😀

  11. Good job guys!! Plus I love the picture of the Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: that’s my fav poem!!


  13. wowww amazing job everyone! these pics are beautiful! *applause*

  14. Good job everybody! These are amazingly beautiful! Keep using your talents for God’s glory!

  15. Good Job ya’ll! Those are some great pictures!

  16. It would seem no one who entered followed Samuel’s Totally Awesome Photography Advice™, since I can see none of the winners did. What a shame no one took the obvious path to victory!

  17. Great job, everyone!

  18. Congratulations, Hannah Ling! There is so much story and depth in your photo. I love the sharp contrast between the girl and the light, and the surrounding elements. Just awesome!

  19. Naomi Hochstedler

    These are sooo good!!!! Beautiful work!

  20. These are beautiful! Thank you all for sharing them with us!

  21. Congrats Amber, I loved your pic!!!!!!!

  22. These were beautiful

  23. Samuel you could’ve totally made a wonderful prank last week by announcing some fake winners with hideous pics.

  24. Congrats you guys!

  25. Um. I don’t really know you guys…Sorry. But great job!!! Good job Hannah Ling!

  26. Wowowowowowow. Good job everyone!!! Amazing pictures!!

  27. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Good job! 😀

  28. Congratulations Hannah Ling and and Micah Shannon! Your pictures were so creative and unique.

  29. Oh my gosh, you guys are all so talented! Congratulations to ya’ll!!

  30. Wow those are beautiful!

  31. Congrats, everyone!! These pictures were absolutely stunning, and I can’t believe what an amazing array of photographers we have at TPS!!