EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with clay’s Junior Editors

As part of our effort to transform clay into a masterpiece, we have decided to collect meaningful and critical feedback from those on the front lines of the publication: clay’s very own junior editors. Over the past month, we have extensively interviewed clay’s eight junior editors, Rachel Shey, Jenna Koo, Eunice Tan, Sarai Morato, Madison Asher, Christine Lyford, Stasi Dulle, and Mari Stanton.

Today, we provide you with the inside, exclusive peek on the lives of the Junior Editors, their tribulations, and their suggestions for how clay can reach a whole new level of awesomeness.

Welcome to the new clay. Prepare to have your mind blown.



  1. I know what the main focus was but I can’t get over how beautiful all you girls are!

  2. Hahaha that was glorious, girls! xD It’s been such great fun to write under y’all this year!
    Eunice, count me on your unicorn search team! There’s gotta be one hiding at Union somewhere! ;D

    • Sounds amazing! Send in ur investigative finds anytime, fellow Mystological Mysteries Detective! XP And spread the word! Mythological Mysteries here we come!

  3. This video is priceless! I feel ya, Sarai, I would have definitely taken the lifetime supply of gummy bears.

  4. Deal with us? Like… deal gummy bears and treats to us? … Right? 😅

  5. “Stuck with plain Theology & Worldview column” ~Eunice Tan….gee thanks! XD

  6. Ohhh! May I just say that i’m a rebel who hates Gummy Bears? *dies laughing*

  7. may i please be bribed with gummy bears?

  8. Does this mean that there will be an uprising?

  9. lol this is hilarious XD

  10. On that point about deadlines, I fully support Christine. They are truly wonderful.

  11. xD That video was awesome! “Bribed with gummy bears” Hehe :}

  12. Boy. I can’t wait to see the “To Be Continued.” I’ve got Cassie as a classmate and I might warn ya’ll Junior Editors keep your eyes open! I wouldn’t be surprised finding her spying on my computer :).

    (Sorry, Cassie, but remember, you know you “can’t play favorites with information in [your] dictatorship- I mean, democracy just because we’re classmates…) *evil smile*

    Say, Eunice, trying turning your mythological creatures team on the Senior Editors and aid the rebels with information from all your little Holmeses!

  13. Hahaha, that was sooooo funny! I laughed the ENTIRE TIME!

  14. I laughed SOOOO hard!

  15. “Or… what, kind of… smoothie bowl, you had… this morning” LOLOLOL

  16. Recruit MMEEEE! ololo