A Very Serious Announcement from the Senior Editors

For years, The Cracked Pot provided quality content from TPS students across the globe. It brought joy and insights into the world we live in.

Eventually, that moniker was retired, and clay was born. Like a phoenix from the ashes, clay rebranded the idea of TPS content, constantly pushing to improve on the foundations previously built.

Over the past three years, we’ve seen a change in the publishing schedule, name, logo, and design of the website. But has it been enough?

“No!” you scream. Well, we hear you — that’s why everything changes today.

It’s 2020, everyone. We’ve merely wrapped up three months of this new year, or better yet, the new decade. What better time to spice things up? (You might be wondering why we didn’t start these New Years-centric renovations in January. You have Leanne’s procrastination, displayed so poignantly in her Round Robin, to thank for that.)

Starting this month, we’re going to be workshopping a whole new clay. We grew weary of the usual articles we churn out every week, so our columnists are not only encouraged, but forced expected to reinvent their content to provide you with their most innovative, out-of-the-box thinking yet. Plus, we’re taking feedback from various members of the staff on how they think we should improve this publication. clay is a democracy, not a dictatorship (publicly, at least). We expect the transformation process, as well as ironing out the kinks of it (if this turns out anything like Cassie’s Round Robin, there will be more than enough plot holes and kinks to fix) to be a very public process, so stay tuned every week to see us take clay to a whole new level.

Welcome to the new clay. Prepare to have your minds blown.


  1. This sounds awesome! Can’t wait :}

  2. Team Cassie’s round robin was great! But I can’t wait to see the Changes… *shudder*

  3. Y’all do notice this says April Fools right?

  4. Emmeline Arehart

    Wow SLAM on our Round Robin xD. And I didn’t know that clay was masquerading for even a minute as a democracy…

    • I’m not saying that Leanne added that diss, but I’m definitely saying Leanne added that diss. I tried very hard to get her to remove it, but to no avail.

      • *sigh* Well, I’m sure you tried, Cassie. We know that our story was totally the better one.
        Leanne, I expected better from you.

        • Leanne Zuiderveen

          Don’t let Cassie’s sweet-natured words deceive you, Emmeline. She threatened to revoke my WordPress rights, yet I stood firm against her threats to ensure that all clay staff have freedom of speech.

          • Ah, yes. Although you may have won for the moment, you must guard against coups started by Cassie! As we all know, most revolutions are “revolutions from above”.

  5. April Fool’s? I’m so confused, because it’s April 6, and therefore this can’t be an April Fool’s day joke.
    The Open Mic will still work after the modernization, right?

    • Assuming the Senior Editors don’t lead us into total chaos and destruction, yes, we will probably still be publishing Open Mic articles after all changes are finalized! The exposed dictatorial tendencies of the SEs might transform things more than expected though, so we may have to reevaluate once the forthcoming tyranny has been fully established. Stay tuned!

  6. yes y’all we’re definitely not forced to do this-

  7. Here we go again…..

  8. Oh boy.
    Yeah I got the email from Cassie and Leanne about this new format…. the article says that clay is a democracy, not a dictatorship (publicly). Privately, it’s a whole different animal. I’ve been arm-twisted, threatened, cajoled, blackmailed, and bribed into agreeing to cooperate with the Senior Editors. My column has been decimated, brutalized, and repurposed to be a propaganda station for the Senior Editors and their radical new changes.
    I’ve already been forced to write the next article, which will now be WEEKLY for me instead of MONTHLY (heaven help my grades stay up), and I literally was vomiting in my mouth the whole time as Leanne dictated to me over a Zoom call. It was a bunch of sentimental rubbish and I don’t recommend that y’all read it when it comes out. STAY CLEAR.
    Thank goodness this will be my last (and only) year with clay, I’m telling you it’s all going downhill from here. 🙁

    • I’d have to disagree. I’ve barely even seen the Senior Editors around, much less received any such email…I mean, Open Mic has been completely reconstructed and revolutionized, but that’s of course the work of our wonderful guest writers, not the SEs. Honestly though, I kinda just do my own thing, running this lovely section. If the rumors of this so-called privately-run dictatorship are true though, send in your guest work to help restore the clay that once was!

  9. cool! Can’t wait fer the new Clay! 🙂

  10. Hehehehe!!! Very funny.

  11. I’ve noticed that comments are disappearing….? One of mine and one Mari Stanton wrote… am I going crazy??

  12. Wait is it an April Fools joke?

  13. It had to be! *loses mind*

  14. Because they said a ‘very serios’ announcement so It cant be true!

  15. Aw, come on Cassie! And I trusted you, too, being in my Spanish class, an’ all! Dictatorship – wow. So is it really going to change, or is this all propaganda to increase the power of your regime?
    Oh and by the way, Andrew, keep the story coming. Don’t let them rip it up too much – I’m gonna die if I don’t see a good ending to “Torn.”

  16. can’t wait!

  17. This is a april fools look at the tag

  18. crying with laughter
    I love april with clay

  19. Is this actually for real? ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ