Featured, TPS Seniors 2020

TPS Class of 2020: Share Your Senior Biography

Calling all TPS students in the class of 2020!

You’ve worked so hard in school and have truly conquered these last twelve years. Now, we want to give you some time in the spotlight. That’s right — it’s time for our annual senior bios!

The senior bios are a great way to celebrate your accomplishments, share your plans for college or your upcoming career, and reminisce on your time in high school. Plus, the senior bio section on clay is always a fun read for you and your classmates!

The deadline for submissions is April 24. The bios will be published on April 27.

We look forward to hearing all of your stories as you close your senior year out with a bang! 


  1. cool! great job all tps graduates! I’m sure y’all worked hard!

  2. What is the definition of a “Graduating TPS Senior?” Is it any senior who is taking TPS classes, or only seniors graduating through TPS?

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      A “Graduating TPS Senior” is any TPS student who is in their last year of high school and is taking one or more TPS classes.

  3. Is there a specific format for these bios? And do I just send mine to you?

    Thanks for setting this up! I’ve always enjoyed reading the senior bios and I’m looking forward to being one of them this year. =)

    • Hi Hope! You can just fill out the form linked on this post to submit your bio. The format is a brief, third-person summary of your favorite parts of high school, info about you, and your post-graduation plans.

  4. Are clay members allowed to do this?

  5. Do we have to answer the favorite catchphrase, Bible verse, and what we wanted to be when we grew up in the third-person? Or can we answer those in the first-person?

  6. Hello! I finished the form but I’m not sure if I actually submitted it. Is there a way you could tell me so that I know if I have to reenter the information or not? Thanks. =)

    • Hi Hope! We did not receive a form from you, so unfortunately you will need to resubmit.