Girls’ Spotlight: Caroline Housworth

I pull a file out and set it on the table in front of me, which is currently covered by blank paper in preparation for the upcoming interview. Caroline Housworth, the file reads in letters stamped across the top. The words age 14, freshman appears in smaller print underneath. A snapshot of a smiling blonde girl in front of a café is paperclipped to the front of the file.

I look up and smile as Caroline herself walks into the room. “Have a seat!”

Preliminaries concluded, I jump into the actual interview. “Where do you live? How many siblings do you have?”

“I’m from Louisville, Kentucky but I live in Kratié, Cambodia. I have three siblings who all do TPS: Rachel and Will who are juniors and my little sister Sarah Beth who is in fourth grade.”

“Ah, that sounds wild. What classes are you taking? Favorite and least favorite?”

“I’m taking US Government & Economics, Bible Survey, Honors Geometry, Spanish 1, English 3 Literature Survey & Composition, and Pre-AP Honors Biology. I mean, biology with Dr. Rock is by far the most entertaining class. My least favorite is probably Spanish”

“Oh! What’s your personality type, and how would you describe yourself in three words?”

“For enneagrams, I’m half a 2 and half a 4, but I’d say mainly a 2 with just a little creativity. I’m also an ENFJ.” She laughs. “According to Moriah Thomas: ‘Cheez-Its, creative, and diligent’ and I agreed until she said diligent, which I would replace with tired.”

“What’s your favorite movie, or book, or band?

“Oh goodness…my favorite movies are Dead Poets Society, Sandlot, To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and every Disney movie ever. My favorite TV Show is definitely Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Gilmore Girls. My favorite book is Mark of the Grizzly, which talks about bear attacks but also goes into the studies behind why those bears attacked in the first place. And I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, but I also love Bruce Springsteen and Surfaces. My favorite song at the moment is ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations.” She pauses. “Oh! And ‘Where You Lead I Will Follow’ by Carole King.”

“What are some flaws and strong points about you?”

“Related to school, I have a photographic memory so I’m pretty good at memorizing things quickly, and I’d say I’m not a bad writer. Although I have a photographic memory, it also turns into a flaw because I have a hard time memorizing things long-term. Outside of school, I’m a very sensitive person so that can also serve as a good and a bad thing.”

I blink. “Honestly, I wish I had a photographic memory. Aha, do you have an embarrassing memory you’d be willing to share?”

“My dad has tried to embarrass me in front of as many people as possible as long as I can remember. Whenever I got out of the car to go into my quiet, strict, private school he would yell at the very top of his lungs that he loved me, that he hoped I would have a good day, and make comments about the big topper on our car with national park stickers. So it was lovely getting glares from my principal as I walked into school every morning.”

“Oh, dads. Do you have any specific goals you’d want to pursue?”

“I want to write a book someday, but I guess I should probably graduate high school and get into college first. I used to want to go into Zoology or Political Science but, recently – yes, I know the controversy on this topic – I’ve felt called to be a preacher so I guess we’ll just have to see. Before college, I want to make it to Africa and go to the Galapagos Islands with my dad.”

I scan the list quickly. “Awesome! Any pets?”

“A lot, but you can never have too many: three dogs (golden retriever, golden doodle, and a mutt), a parrot, four finches, two rabbits, and recently we got a kitten for the first time. She’s a Gray Persian.”

My eyes widen. “That is a lot. Uh, where have you traveled to?”

“ I’ve basically been traveling since I came out of the womb so outside of the U.S. I’ve been to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Greece, Laos, Nepal, China, and Japan.”

“Oh wow. Impressive. What languages do you speak?”

“Shocker, English, but also Khmer and Spanish.”

“Khmer sounds interesting. Do you play any sports or instruments?”

“I played baseball, tennis, field hockey, swim team, I don’t know if skateboarding or rollerblading count, cross country, and basketball, which is basically the only sport I’m currently playing regularly. I’ve never really gotten into music or art because I am genuinely so terrible at both.” She pauses. “Well, I like photography for sure because it’s super fun, specifically taking portraits and helping people feel good about themselves.”

“Nice! What’s been your biggest accomplishment?”

She smiles as she recounts her story. “I go to Glacier National Park every summer in Montana and every year my dad takes us on a harder hike. This past summer he decided to drag us on one of the hardest hikes in the park: Mt. Brown. It’s only about five miles but it climbs 4,200 feet and a ridiculous amount of switchbacks so it feels like you’re walking straight up. Adding to that you always feel like you’re close but you honestly can’t see the lookout until you are two minutes away. Anyways, with all that, once you get to the top it definitely feels like the biggest deal and a huge accomplishment. Then, it all gets ruined when you’re trying to walk back down but you’re basically tripping and sliding all over the place, slowly realizing just how steep the hike was.”

“That is wonderful.” I glance at the clock and start. “Shoot, time’s running out. Do you have a Bible verse you wanna leave us with?”

“It’s always been John 1:1, ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ I mean, sit down and soak that in for a moment.”

I slide my notes into the file and say “Thank you so much!”


  1. Car. YOU GOT A KITTEN?!?!?!?!

  2. K so I realize there isn’t a photo in the article itself which is really odd because I checked literally three times to make sure there was one *glares at wordpress*

    Thank you for allowing me to interview you Car!

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    Golden retrievers are the best!!! : )

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