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Open Mic: The Breach by Isabelle Thom



Meet the Author

Hello, TPSers! I’m Isabelle Thom (It’s pronounced Tom; Scottish origin, for all of you etymologists.) I am sixteen years old, and I live in a section of East Africa where there are no giraffes or lions, but there are many camels.

When I’m not hopping countries, you can find me writing songs on the piano or guitar, filling orders at my home bakery, “The Izzery,” or madly typing out a new scene in my WIP.

I am currently taking Honors Algebra 2 with Mrs. K, (the best!), and this is my second year taking TPS math courses. 

I love writing for three main reasons. The first is that writing is a superb outlet for processing. When it’s just you, a pen, and paper, bottled-up emotion can come out honestly and even beautifully. Later, when you’re ready, those honest words might help someone else understand more about themselves, take joy in little things they never saw before, or begin to heal.

Second, writing is a way of declaring truth to yourself. When we write about God’s glory, it is cemented in our hearts in a way that makes us leap inside and grow in our faith. 

Third, writing can take you anywhere! You’ll be amazed by all that goes on in your head if you let your fingers run. You could go to outer space. You could go to an underwater refuge wherein lies a hostage octopus maid. You could go back to the day of the crucifixion and weep over the glorious sacrifice of Jesus. Writing is an outlet as well as a lens through which we can see ourselves and the world differently—without the pressure of human eyes, beneath only the gaze of God. He is well pleased when we create for His glory.


  1. This is really nice, but i am a little confused. why is the ‘author’ Mari Stanton?

    • Probably Mari interviewed/reached out to Isabelle and put together the article about her. The “Meet the Author” title refers to Isabelle, who wrote “The Breach.”

    • Hi Simeon! Isabelle wrote this piece, but since she is a guest writer, I uploaded it to our Open Mic column. All articles published in Open Mic are written by guest authors; as the column’s editor, I just edit and upload these articles, which is why you see my name as the author.

  2. WoW that writing is so moving and beautiful. Amazing job, Isabelle!!

  3. This is amazing! I love it! But same… Why are there two authors?

  4. Oh didn’t see the post before me… that makes sense! XD

  5. Isabelle, I can’t believe you’re an incredible musician, baker, and writer all in one! Keep using your many gifts to glorify God!

  6. Isabelle, this is beautiful. You are so talented, in both words and music. Thank you for sharing the beauty you weave with us!

  7. Wow! I love this poem, this song-story, so much. I seriously think you should keep it and publish it again one day. Absolutely amazing job.Thank you for giving it to us to read. I hope you write many more things of this kind in the future.

  8. afjairjajjgslfaposr that is incredibly beautiful & moving good job!!

  9. This is beautiful. You brought me back to the night I first heard God’s call.
    Very cool that you arranged the letters to paint a picture on the page.
    Keep writing and singing to give back to God all that He has given you!
    Random question: how is your area doing with Covid 19? I’m sure we would all want to know if you need prayers.

    • Thank you, Ethan! Praise God for reminding you of the work He’s done in your life! We currently do not have testing for Covid-19, and have little means to treat severe cases (our hospital doesn’t provide oxygen). Pray that He would send help to the h0rn, and be with the Medical people who are getting ready to dive in when it hits.

  10. Naomi Hochstedler

    Very well done! loved this.

  11. WOw, Isabelle! This is really so meanigful & touching! Great Job!!!

  12. This is amazing! Great job!

  13. This is so beautiful and captivating wow!

  14. This was amazing, Isabelle. You did a wonderful job.