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Open Mic: Gibbles’ Guide to the Galaxy by Isaiah Scott

In a distant galaxy that is named Gibblion, there was a Gibble. He looked exactly like the majority of the Gibbles, blobby and small; his color was the typical bluish-green (or greenish-blue, nobody seems to agree on the color). He also had the most perfectly common name in the Galaxy, and he even had the same goal as the average Gibble, which was to eat jelly tacos. His name was Gibbley.

He was researching at the Gallery of Globey Grammar Gubbins in which there were interesting artifacts that got retrieved from earth, written on with a mysterious earth-writing system. Once he was done at the museum, he went to the side of Gooble Street where there was the tall and spectacularly green Gibbleton Monument and began trying to hitchhike a KFO.

He yelled, “Could you please let me take a ride? I am a real, live Gibble, you know! I am speaking Gibblish, right?”

The floating vehicles breezed past him when he got knocked over by an invisible force which tossed him into a restaurant.

­ Gibbley was going to run, but then he noticed jelly tacos. He stood up and was about to place an order when suddenly, the chair slid into the ground as if a hole appeared underneath it, and Gibbley got pulled in. He then got caught by two gooblins who knocked him unconscious and carried him off.

The next thing he knew, he was at a quiet pine forest on earth in the Dark Ages. He decided to go look around, and he went into a village. In the village, there was a rare feast which the entire village attended. Usually, Gibbles do not eat stew, but when Gibbley saw it, he was too hungry to complain.

He hopped up to drink some, but then a voice began saying, “No! Be low-profile and hide!”

Gibbley realized his mistake and ran away into the bushes. Then he heard the voice again and turned around to see another Gibble!

“Hello, my name is Jibbly! Hey, don’t jump like that. You’ve seriously gotta be better at hiding than this,” he said. “Never mind, what are you in here for?”

“Jelly tacos,” Gibbley said simply.

“Oh, that trap? You should be thankful you weren’t obliterated!”

“Um, yaaaaaah. How are you here?”

“I seriously do not know. I mean, I was just looking at a tour guide on a floating bus, I got bumped by invisible stuff and fell inside a portal, and boom. I was on earth.”

“In that case, let’s just leave this world.”

“It’s actually kinda nice…”

“Yah, I guess so. But let’s go back to our own galaxy. Anyway, I’ve heard earth air is bad air.”

“Whatever. Any ideas how to leave this lovely place?”

They both had no idea, so Gibbley and Jibbly went searching. When they got to a particularly thick part of the forest, Jibbly heard a noise.

“Shh!” he said.

“Jellisoaruses aren’t in the Milky Way!”

“Yeah, I know it isn’t a Jellisoarus! What makes you think it even is a Jellisoarus? It could be something like a dragon, or a brontosaurus, or whatever those flying, buzzing, yellow-banded roaches of death that have thorns on their bumbles are!”


“Something like that.”

Gibbley then saw a giant bee and said, “Well, then what is that giant yellow striped thing?”

“I thought it was black stripes.”

“Never mind! RUN!”

“I still think it is black stripes.”


While they were running, Jibbly realized something.

“That isn’t a bumbee.”

“How do you know?”

“Bumbees are small; this is huge. And they don’t have glowing red eyes; their eyes are black.”

“Hey, you are right! Let’s run anyway because I do not like red-eyed fliers.”

“Hey, don’t you think that glass head is kinda weird?” Gibbley said. “’Cause there’s a gooblin in it.”

Suddenly, Jibbly stopped, pulled out a sword, and charged at the bee.

“Are you crazy?”

“No, I know that Gibblion has a 97.123356791427 percent chance of being devoured by a supermassive black hole in a half a week. I memorized that from the last weather report. Only smart people can remember that.”

“Good point. Whoa, is that true? You’re just kidding, right?”

“Dead serious.”

“Do you even realize what that means!? That’s what caused the invisible force field!”

“Yeah, isn’t it neat? Let’s stop the chit-chat now and move on to this battle.”

So Jibbly kept on fighting, and Gibbley was desperately trying to think of a plan while listening to clanging, yelling, buzzing, strange English poems from Jibbly. He asked Jibbly to cut out the poetry, and then he figured it out and dashed off.

Jibbly started yelling, “Gibbley, where are you going? Here I am, hacking the thorn of this bumble, and there you are, running away!”

But then Gibbley came back with a bucket and started pouring it on the bee’s head. Then, with a mighty ZAP, the bee-droid crashed to the ground.

They then cornered the gooblin, and Gibbley, feeling extremely annoyed about gooblins by then, started yelling.

“I try to get some Jelly Tacos; you trap me! I have a meeting with another Gibble; you crash it! Now what is this about?!”

They squabbled a bit, but the gooblin ran off singing about a song of bad and Gibbles being sad.

When they were alone, Jibbly said, “Wow, I had no idea Gooblins were so obnoxious.”

Gibbley agreed.

Jibbly inspected the bot and found something.

“What is thi…Hey Gibbley! We can go back to Gibblion!”

Gibbley looked up and saw what Jibbly was so excited about. Jibbly jumped up and down, waving an orb and yelling.

“Goobgo 2000! Pocket edition! Can travel to other galaxies! 60,000 horsepower!”

“What are horses?” Gibbley asked.

“No idea. I’m just reading the box. Anywaaaaay; let’s go!”

Then the orb started glowing.

Who are you? 

“Jibbly,” said Jibbly.


“Okay, that’s sweet. Any random Gooblin.”

You are not a Gooblin. 

Jibbly kept trying to use it, but it insisted on repeating itself.

You are not a Gooblin. You are not a Gooblin. Self-destruct sequence initiating.

“Wait, wait, wait. Jibbly? Seriously, don’t touch it.”

Then Gibbley spoke, “Powergoobes.”

The machine said, I knew in my heart that you were a Gooblin. Don’t kill me. What destination do you have in mind?

“Umm, Gibbley? Powergoo…” There he trailed off, and said, “Oh… I get it! The code!” He spoke to the orb, “Gooboliable, 209X years Gogoon time!” shouted Jibbly.

“Why should we go there?” Gibbley asked. “And it doesn’t know what X is!” ­

­­ “That was what I had in mind,” he said to Gibbley. “And 2094!” he yelled to the machine.

Gibbley had heard so many bad things about that place, so he said, “Let’s leave this thingy.”

But then the orb started saying, Let us begin. Searching for destination. Search complete. Bon Voyage.

Gibbley forgot all about not wanting to go and said, “Bon Voyage? What does that mean, Jibbly?”

“Some earth language?”

“Sounds about right.”

The machine said, 3… 2… 1… discharge, and they were on their way to Gibblion.



Meet the Author

How old are you?
I’m twelve! Hopefully being a teenager won’t be as scary as it sounds!

Where do you live?
Morocco! It is honestly amazing. Also, it’s cool to explore 1,000-year-old cities and castles at no cost.

What classes are you taking with TPS?
I am currently doing Writing Fundamentals 6. This story was my fiction assignment!

What’s your favorite thing about writing?
Being creative, for sure. I like adding a new world, species, and language to my stories.


  1. This was amazing! Last year I did that writing assignment and I had so much fun! You did an amaazzinng job!! Like Kimberly, I agree: It was so fun to read!

  2. wow awesome Isaiah your story was a lot better than mine

  3. Lol Isaiah, great job!! 😀

  4. Wow… I read this once and was totally confused. Then I came back a few days later and read it again, and it suddenly (almost) all made sense! This is great!!! Great work with the dialogue and humor. (And what does a gooblin look like I am dying to know!)

  5. naturebear (defenetly not a code name)

    great job

  6. Don’t worry Isaiah, turning 13 ain’t so bad – I did it earlier this year. You can finally get an email! (legally that is, because I have DEFINITELY DID NOT fill out the age 13 when I was 10. hehehe)

  7. good job 😀