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Open Mic: Bush Viper by Isabel Chua

This piece focused on scale and proportions. I picked a bush viper because I thought that it would be fun to challenge myself. I applied the method of stippling to this piece. I was asked to consider if I wanted to add color, and found that the eye was the perfect spot for it to make the eye the focal point.


The original photograph of the bush viper was taken by @mark_kostich_photography.


Meet the Artist

I just turned 16 this year, and I am a Singaporean living in China. I am currently taking 5 subjects for 2019-2020: Geography, Geometry, Biology, English 3: Foundations in Literature and Composition, and Art: Drawing and Composition. I will be taking 7 subjects with TPS once the next school year starts. My favorite thing about art is that you can show the world (through art) how you think and capture the moment, which, as a result, can encourage and show people the beauty of life.


  1. O.o wow how on earth do you draw so detailed???

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your unique viewpoint with us!

  3. This is beautiful Isabel! The details are amazing, and the greenish eye of the snake is a wonderful idea!

  4. Amazing!! Wish I could draw like that…

  5. This is incredible! Amazing job!

  6. Naomi Hochstedler

    Wow! This is incredible!

  7. This is beautiful!!

  8. Wow! The attention to detail is incredible, and the stippling technique you used was a magnificent choice! Awesome job, Isabel!

  9. This is gorgeous! 😀

  10. This is absolutely amazing.

  11. That is absolutely a m a z i n g. The detail is incredible and I’m guessing stippling might be like pointillism? Gorgeous work.