2020 GP6 Music Competition Winners

Hello TPS!

We have very exciting news! This year, the committee received over 65 submissions and votes from 750 TPSers! While each song was extremely popular, student opinion has narrowed down the finalists to four songs.

Congratulations to the talented winners of this year’s GP6 Music Competition:

“Sunrise” by Ezra Ramirez

“This Daily Deliverance” by Isabelle Thom

“Upside-Down Rag” by Matthew and Noah Conger

“Carolina” by Megdalia Bromhal

In the upcoming weeks, these four songs will be played on rotation so there will always be a variety of songs to enjoy on GP6. Once again, we would like to thank all of the talented students who submitted music and can’t wait until next year’s music competition!


The 2020 GP6 Music Committee (Cassie, Liv, and Leanne)


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    • Congrats to “Sunrise” by Ezra Ramirez

      “This Daily Deliverance” by Isabelle Thom

      “Upside-Down Rag” by Matthew and Noah Conger

      and “Carolina” by Megdalia Bromha

      Isabelle Thom, I will always remember your song.

      • Same, Anna. This Daily Deliverance was extraordinary and beautiful to me. I bookmarked the voting tab so that I can go back and listen. I especially love to play This Daily Deliverance and Yearning while I study.

  2. Congratulations all!!!

  3. Congrats everyone!!!! I’M SO HAPPY WITH THESE RESULTS!!!!!

  4. Skargin’ awesome job y’all *throws confetti*

  5. Dude! These new songs are really cool! And my little brother got in!!!

  6. Awesome job, everyoneee!

  7. Congratulations, everyone!! These songs are amazing!!

  8. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Upside-down Rag won!!

  9. Ayy congrats everyone!

  10. These are all amazing! My favorite was Sunrise, but I just like that style of music better. Congrats to everyone!

  11. Bravo everyone! Your pieces are gorgeous, and I am looking forward to hearing them this year!
    Isabelle, “This Daily Deliverance” is beautiful. If you ever have sheet music for it that you are willing to share, I would love to have a copy!

    • @Emmeline Arehart, how do you get a picture to come up for your profile picture? It is so pretty!

      • Thank you! 😀
        As far as how did I do it, well… it’s been so long I kind of forgot. I think I used gravatar.com and linked it to my WordPress account. Or something like that. I’m sorry I can’t be much help!

  12. Yeet! I’m so happy that the ones I didn’t vote for made it! 😂😂😂😂😂
    I probably would have been upset if “This Daily Deliverance” didn’t make it.
    Can we still listen to the ones that didn’t get in on the voting page?

    • Yeah, I think so. You can even still listen to last year’s submissions on the article from last year, lol!

  13. Sunrise!

  14. These were definitely the best choices! Can’t wait to hear them every morning, especially Carolina!

  15. Hooray! I’m so happy the upside down rag got picked!

  16. Wow, great job to everyone who won! I am so happy that Sunrise, This Daily Deliverance, Upside-Down Rag, and Carolina are going to be played in GP6! (Everyone who didn’t make it did a awesome job though!)

  17. Great Job everyone!! (‘This Daily Deliverance’ is the Best!!!)

  18. congrats to the winners you all did an amazing job

  19. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! Good job everybody!! I’m super happy with the choices!!

  20. Yay!! I’m so excited to listen to all these wonderful songs before class!! Everyone did great!

  21. Great Job everyone!!! These songs are wonderful!

  22. goooddd jobbb yall cant wait to hear them during class (:

  23. Awww awesome job everyone!!!

  24. Nice job everyone! The songs are all fantastic!

  25. Everyone did so great. Congrats to the peeps who won 🙂 ! All the songs were great but my favorite is “This Daily Deliverance.”

  26. Good job everyone!!!!

  27. Noice!!! GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE!!!!!!

  28. Does anybody know when they are gonna go on GP6? Or are they already? I wouldn’t know because my class was yesterday but there was no music…

  29. Yes! I’m so glad Sunrise and Upside-down rag made it!

  30. YAY congratulations everyone! So excited to hear these songs in GP6!

  31. Grate job Ezra Ramirez glad you made it. I LOVE Sunrise fur real. Good job lil Joram!!!!

  32. I’m so gad my fav makes it through!!!!!!!!!

  33. Awww Controll did not win… I really like that one

  34. I can’t wait until the music starts! I chose Upside-Down Rag, and now I can’t wait to hear it in there!

  35. When will they be played??