Important Note: all information regarding the Coronavirus is through February 25, this article will not contain any details made public afterwards.

Throughout history, there have been a number of notable diseases. Leprosy, The Black Death, Cholera, and Influenza are just a few plagues humanity had to overcome. Each disease has its own degree of impact. The Black Death took out about 60% of medieval Europe, while the Ebola in 2014-16 killed around 11,000 people. Through these outbreaks, the science community makes new discoveries and increases knowledge on health and the human body. Nevertheless, while a disease runs its course, fear can easily set in. For the past few months, COVID-19, commonly called the Coronavirus, has shut down parts of society while keeping others on edge. The disease has infected countless individuals, while scientists are globally working on a cure.

It is crucial to start with the basics and beginnings of a hot topic so one does not get confused. Coronavirus is not a new disease; in fact, it comes in multiple strains that are specific by animal. There are a few different human strains of the virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Most people get infected with one or more of these viruses at some point in their lives” (CDC). However, the current outbreak is not the typical human form. What plagues the world right now is the COVID-19 strain, which stands for CoronaVirus Disease 2019. It was officially labeled by the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide many clarifications. While the disease started in China’s Wuhan province within a food market, it is not the Chinese virus (Dr. Mike). As of February 24, there are twenty nine other countries with reported cases, with Kuwait most recently joining the list (Situation Report).

The COVID-19 name also omits any connection to animals. This specific virus did originate from another animal, but the details are not known. Additionally, this is a human disease now, so tying an animal to the name would be irrelevant. Scientists are trying to identify the exact origins, as it would greatly benefit the process of cure research. Each species carries its own number of strains. Bats alone have over 500 unique strains of Coronavirus (wbur). Each strain, of any disease, has its own structure, pattern of genes, and antidote. This is why the common cold has no cure, as there are over 200 strains, each with its own unique design. If the exact animal origins of the Coronavirus can be traced, then scientists can narrow down the number of strains they need to investigate, which would make cure development much faster.

Looking at a disease’s severity, along with cure efforts, is very important. As of 1 PM, February 24th, MarketWatch reports 79,407 infected individuals and 2,622 deaths. Areas with a higher number of infected patients are China, Iran, and Italy. While this is disturbing information, the general world’s population should not start panicking. The lethality, or the number of infected who reach critical condition or die, is very low at 3%. It is sad to know people are dying, but a hopeful note is that this disease is not as severe as others like Ebola, which has a 50% lethality rate. About 81% of patients as of February 18, are in a mild condition (Dr. Mike). This means they are mostly functional, have no severe pain, and do not have a bacterial infection. This is a good indicator while a cure is being developed. As of now, there are about 80 treatment drugs in trial. Favilavir recently became the first drug to receive Chinese government approval to start testing on patients. Other companies are still conducting research and hoping to release products soon (Pharmaceutical Technology). According to the WHO, a vaccine, which would prevent people from getting infected, is in the works, and should be completed in about twelve to eighteen months. The current situation is unsettling, but it is not yet catastrophic and knowledge about Coronavirus will only increase every day.

As COVID-19 spreads quickly, it is impacting more than just health and science. There are conspiracies this disease is bioterrorism, but there is no evidence to back this up. On a more realistic level, panic is causing stock markets to fall and there is early discussion to cancel the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. This virus presents an unpleasant situation to the world. However, one should only look at relevant facts, and remember to keep up healthy practices such as hand washing and avoid coughing or sneezing into the open air. Additionally, Christians can find assurance in Genesis 8:21. After the great flood, Noah built an altar to glorify God. In return, God made a covenant: “the Lord said to Himself, ‘I will never again curse the ground on account of man, for the intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth; and I will never again destroy every living thing, as I have done.’” We may immediately think of natural disasters when reading this passage, but it also applies to diseases. We do not know God’s plan exactly, but we can find hope He will not allow a virus to destroy the world.

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  1. Your health, WHO cares? (get it? xD)

    Great job on this – I would like to add some updates about this. Up till now, there are around 110,000 cases and 3800 deaths in total. I live in China, and China is doing much much better (thanks for all the prayers!) China built two hospitals from scratch in around a month just for this virus, and more people are recovering 🙂 BTW Here is a great website I found :

    • coronavirus is actually on the decline in China, from what I’ve heard! 😀

    • Thanks for the updates from the area where the disease has the most impact, good to hear there is an improvement over there.

    • Hey Binx! Congrats on china! I live in nepal sooooo — super close to china! I wanted to update you how many have caught the virus now it is Coronavirus Cases: 129,158. Deaths: 4,749. Recovered: 68,656. Praying for china!

  2. Great Job! I learned so many new things about this current virus!

  3. Very informative and helpful! Thanks so much for writing this!

  4. Get your hand sanitizer before it sells out 😀

    • it’s already gone… a long time ago. lol

      • very scarce now…now stock up on water bottles… our grocery stores have a sign that limits people (in one visit) to 5 packages… oh my word its so ridiculous!!
        But on a real note stay safe everyone!!

        • Our stores have limited bottled water to 1 case per customer! And they are all sold out of soap, hand sanitizer and TP. People here have even started to steal toilet rolls from the restrooms in restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. Boxes of facemasks are being stolen from hospitals too! (At least once this is all over they probably won’t ever have to buy soap and TP again!) 😂😂

      • yep, same! ^^^^^^^

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^

    • lol where i live it is already sold out… and all the Clorox wipes too O.o

      • And don’t forget the toilet rolls!!

      • lol I heard Amazon is price gouging like crazy, it’s something like $170 for a four-pack of hand sanitizer

        • Yeesss!!! Everything is gone from the stores so Amazon is like… welll… lets make more money while we can😂

          • hehe my prediction is the whole coronavirus thing will be over by the summer and people will be looking at their mountains of toilet paper, surgical masks, and hand sanitizer and doing some epic facepalms. xD

            Coronavirus is actually wayyyyy less dangerous than the death rates look because most people who get the virus never know it, it just seems like the cold. I mean, I have the sniffles rn and I could be a coronavirus victim! XD

          • Preach it!!! Hahaha yeeessss!!

          • Wait…. I hope you don’t have the corona😂😂😂 I didn’t see that part til now lol

          • lol well even if I do I’m not worried for myself, it’s not dangerous for a healthy 17-year-old guy. I am more worried for my mom who has a compromised immune system…

          • Ya I feel that. My mom is doing all this stuff to make sure she doesn’t catch it🤣 She has been drinking lemon juice and celery juice to clean out her insides and been taking elderberry syrup. I just think its kinda funny😂 but hopefully she won’t catch it! And I will be praying for your family as well!

          • Thanks! 🙂
            yeah I hope your mom doesn’t catch it too!

    • Random Sold Out: Around here all the telescopes (made in China, of course) are sold out. Only reason I know that – my mom is a scientist and needed a new one.

    • its in my county, cleaning products are out and some stores are putting limits on water and certain supplies. Remain calm but yes get some sanitizer, its always good to have some anyways 😛

    • Lol while we were in TL then we bought 13 cuz you can’t get any hand sanitizer in China anymore.

    • It already has!

  5. this is so important and i’m glad that u mentioned that it is not a China virus that is important for everyone to know

  6. This is ngl pretty terrifying in terms of how fast it can spread, since symptoms don’t show up until it’s too late. There are cases being reported unfortunately close to where I live and people are seriously panicking over here (RIP Costcos). All we can do is pray and hope for the best now welp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Be vigilent, but not irrational. You are the greatest protector of yourself, know your surroundings and what you come into proximity with. And yes, prayer is always a powerful factor beyond our knowledge.

  7. thanks so much for this! you did a great job. I loved how you added scripture at the end too. ((:

  8. Alessandra Gugliotti

    Thanks for writing this, William! Informative and well done!

  9. Good job!

  10. William. 3% may seem small but at scale it’s horrendous. If 1/3 the people in the US get it you are looking at 110 million infections. That is over 3 million dead. That is three times the amount of people killed in car accidents every year. This could still have massive impact in America even with a low death rate.

  11. Nice article! I do want to point a couple things out:
    1. the reported death rate, which is currently around 3.4%, only takes into account confirmed, recorded cases of COVID-19. By contrast, the flu’s death rate is reported with the ESTIMATED number of yearly cases, because most people who get the flu never go to the doctor and get officially diagnosed. High-ranking health officials have pointed out that a lot of people who get the coronavirus just have a mild case and never go to the doctor because they just assume they have the common cold. So if the actual number of people with COVID-19 was taken into account, the death rate could easily be under 1%.
    2. The death rate for younger people for COVID-19 is actually less than the death rate for them with the flu. That means that for us TPS’ers, we should be more worried about the flu than coronavirus.

    Just a few more facts. 🙂 Of course, we shouldn’t be ignoring the coronavirus. I’m glad that the Trump administration has jumped on it and that the WHO is taking steps to combat it. But it really is being blown up by the media into something way more than it is.

    • Also, the coronavirus is actually on the decline in China. That seems to indicate that it’s linked to the flu season and once flu season is over, COVID-19 won’t be a big deal anymore.

    • Thank you for the additional insight. Don’t ignore it by any means, and be cautious when dealing with other people. But yes, there are global steps to combating the disease and we should find reassurance in that.

      • yep! I think people just need to look at the situation logically and calmly and not fall into panic mode or ignore mode.

    • In a way, yes, I agree with you. The media has a tendency to make anything seem like catastrophic. However, like you say, we can’t discount the danger of COVID 19. I would prefer our government to if anything overreact to the threat instead of the current lethargic approach. The reason this strain of coronavirus has gotten out of control is simply because we don’t have any vaccines or ways to treat it. That fact means that it has a potential to be way more lethal than the common flu since it can spread that much faster. In areas of the United States like Washington State, heath experts fear that COVID 19 has been spreading through the communities undetected.

      The WHO has proclaimed COVID 19 a pandemic, which is a bit redundant, but it goes to show that this is a serious crisis. Don’t panic, but prepare.

      • I tend to look at the stats about undetected cases in a positive light. It means that the mortality rate is actually a lot lower than reported.

        • Hey there, iF leader…
          You’re right, the mortality rate is lower than reported, although part of that has to do with the fact some of the people who have the coronavirus don’t know it yet but will die of it later. its good to make sure that people don’t panic, but we need to be careful not to seem to ignore the danger that is there.

  12. Ebay has banned the sale of all hand sanitizer because the prices were too outrageous!

  13. The only reason I’m super scared is bc I have a grandpa who is always going to social stuff, another grandpa who also does social stuff and my bro has comromised lungs… plz pray for my brother. If he gets the common cold, it’s likely to turn into something worse. I love my older brother to bits and wouldn’t want him to get sick

  14. Honestly I don’t see why people are so freaked out. The first case on the corona virus hit Pima County(where I live) and suddenly everything is gone from the stores. People think they will be quarantined for 5 years or something….. I don’t really know😂 But for those healthy people and kids between 11 and 25……. YOU’RE FINE!!! ITS LITTERALLY THE FLU!!! SO CALM DOWN!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sorry… i’m just sick of people freaking out over something that probably won’t actually be that bad if you eat healthy…

    • IKR!!!!! It’s no more dangerous than the flu!!! XD

      • Right tho??! Finally!! Somebody who understands meeee!!! 😂😂

      • Well… it’s actually quite a bit more dangerous than the flu. For the flu, we have vaccines and ways to treat it. For COVID 19, we are practically helpless, and that’s why it’s spread so far. You’re right, COVID 19 has a much lesser impact on younger individuals. That’s good, but you also have to consider that even if you don’t get a serious case, there’s the possibility that you could spread it to more vulnerable people like the 70+ age group.

        I just think it can be quite dangerous to underestimate something like this. Think about the consequences: if we underestimate its danger, our country might be (and already is) wildly unprepared. If we overestimate COVID 19, well, we spend a bit too much money on disease prevention.

        The WHO has declared it a pandemic, China has locked down millions of people, and the U.S. is prepared to spend billions of dollars to contain it. That’s not just the common flu.

        No hard feelings, though. I’m just giving my opinion.

        • no offense taken! XD

          When I look at the numbers, I come to a different conclusion than you, but that’s fine! And it never hurts to be prepared!

          • In my opinion, the only reason the WHO has declared it a pandemic is because it’s new. The flu kills a minimum or 200,000 /per year. That’s on minimum. The Corona virus has only killed 4,000 people or something so far. Yes, that’s a lot, but in comparison, I believe the reason it is under the spotlight is because of the media and because it is new. Again, just my opinion.

          • I totally agree. And coronavirus is actually technically not new; SARS and MERS (which were actually more deadly than COVID-19) were other strains of the coronavirus. It’s just COVID-19 that’s new.

          • Agreed @Beren Erchamion 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🍕

          • It’s true that we don’t have much to fear about getting it ourselves, but because it has the potential to spread so fast, it is very wise to take precautions. Lots of people are going way too crazy in stockpiling all their hand sanitizer and such, but if people aren’t careful, it has bad potential. It would appear that so far people are being careful enough, but I hate to think what could have happened if it had been given free reign to spread. You can’t be too cautious, as long as it doesn’t come with panicking. If you’re cautious, then it is less likely to spread, and therefore less reason to panic!
            It’s easy to just look at the positive or negative side of the situation, but as long as you don’t panic while remaining cautious we should be fine.

          • Coronavirus isn’t scary on a small scale, but on a large scale it definitely can be.

    • It’s not nothing, the potential can be very bad, and there’s no direct cure or vaccine yet, unlike the yearly flu that we normally deal with. But, it is not the end of the world. Be cautious, but at the same time not overly or underly cautious

  15. When this first came up, I was pretty chill about it and didn’t think it would be a big deal like most of the commenters here. But I’ve changed my mind now lol and here’s why I am worried about the Coronavirus:
    I’m not a bit worried about me getting sick and infected by the virus, but I’m worried about being a carrier and spreading it to my parents. They are both 50+ and my dad especially is not that strong immune wise. He hasn’t really fully recovered from getting the flu twice in December and January and has some other problems health related.
    Another problem is that since I live in Santa Clara County, which is the 2nd highest number of cases in US, my events are all getting cancelled left and right. Ok, maybe this is an overexaggeration lol, but one debate tournament I was planning on going just got cancelled by the hosting place itself (my club was going to host it) and I’m pretty sure our church my cancel service and the youth retreat in a week 🙁 which I am super sad about.
    Especially in my vicinity, I’m worried that this might last longer and lockdown might be past May during AP seasons. This might mean that AP testing will be cancelled or something like that.
    All in all, these concerns have been making me really worried and I sometimes feel I might get a panic attack. I know I sound like an overworrier (which typically I’m not bad) but this is pretty real in my area and I’m scared that my county will be on lockdown rip and all my spring and summer plans go plop.

    • I’m with ya sister. Scared for bro. I’ll keep your dad and your county in my prayers. I also have summer and spring plans and I also don’t want them to go plop because of sickness

  16. I’ve also heard that a lot of colleges in the US are sending all their students away and only doing online classes.

    • haha I just saw this… and I said exactly the same thing… oops!!

    • yup. I know people whose siblings’ colleges have shut down for the semester and are moving online. My own irl class is moving online, which is mildly hilarious to me because I mean, I am an online student :p
      oh, and regular high schools too. >.<
      a friend has said Quebec public schools are all closing; another has said some Illinois ones too.

      • Natalie Paravalos

        Yeah, my brother, who is in high school in Ontario, has 3 weeks off now due to the corona-virus.

  17. Did you know they are thinking about cancelling the Olympics? I’m soooo saaaaaaaaaaad!!!! And I feel really bad for the athletes who have spent all this time in preparation.
    We might also have to cancel my dance shows which is super depressing… I finally got a solo in the ballet AND I MIGHT NEVER DO IT ON STAGE!?!!? Luckily viruses don’t last long in Tucson cuz its so hot here…. never thought i’d say this BUT COME ON 100+ DEGREE WEATHER!!!!

    • Also my sister goes to the U of A and they might be taking their classes online…. so that’s rough….

      • I think it will be over in the summer. Just like MERS, SARS, etc.

        • Ya. My homeschool group has cancelled events for at least 2 weeks(so til the 27th) and we have a high school dance on the 28th. I’ve spent so much time and money preparing for this dance and if it gets cancelled I’m gonna cry. I also don’t get to see my friends at my homeschool group…. and I’m an extreme extrovert and I need to be around people😂
          Also UPDATE: the U of A has officially gone online!!

          • aw that’s sad!
            Welp my dad doesn’t have to go to work for 3 weeks now! He’s a public school teacher, we live in Michigan, and all public school across the state is canceled for three weeks XD

          • Yea!! Honestly depressed😷🥺 Well at least you have your dad home for a while…!!

        • My dad works at Raytheon and they are closed now too. They are all working from home. so uum… ya.. its just weird to have the family home currently.. ya kno? Alsoooo!!! My sister had a sore throat last night and when I woke up I was coughing… and still am… DO I HAVE THE CORONA?!


  19. I love the scripture at the end! Very true. I’ve heard that Trump has closed all flights to Europe.

  20. Everyone should stop panicking — God will take care of us.

  21. As I mentioned earlier, I am so happy I live in the country! Nobody’s really panicking out here too much — although the nursing homes are closed to visitors.

  22. As said: Don’t worry, be happy and trust God!!!

  23. Toilet paper is just about gone in my hometown!😁

  24. Cloud-Multiplayer

    I heard that the coronavirus is now affecting middle-aged and old people more than younger aged people.

  25. wow, good job! This is a very interesting article!

  26. I think that Coronavirus has been annouced in our small town of 10,000… plz pray

  27. if I heard right…

  28. Wow, Will, what a way to get a million comments xD
    Great article though! Thank you for sharing!
    COVID-19 is affecting a lot of people now… We have one really bad case ’bout fifteen mins away from us. Stay safe, everyone!

  29. Mysterious Person

    The death rate is 8 percent right now. I think it is hard to believe anything we hear anymore from the media whats true and whats not true. I do think there could be more than they are telling us because if they told us all at once people could freak out. I’m totally open to both sides but it seems like its being taken super seriously. On the other hand it could just be really contagious.

  30. Its official… we’re stocking up… hopefully my mom doesn’t get the corona while out shopping.. also hopefully she can find fooooood!! I think we waited too long to stock up😂 the stores are empty!
    Corona scare:
    Last night my brother came home from work(he works with construction here in Tucson in the 100 degree weather) and was like “Kimmie can you take my temperature please?” so I did… HIS TEMPERATURE WAS 99.9!!!! I got sooo scared… I was like… my whole family is gonna die from the corona….. my mom even thought he had it.. I slowly started crossing stuff off my list that I wouldn’t be able to do anymore…. school dance, dance, my solo onstage…… and a lot of other stuff.. not to mention we weren’t stocked up on ANYTHING!! My mom had my brother drink a whole cup of water and chillax for a bit then retook his temperature… it was normal….. so i’m not gonna die from the corona!! Yaaaaay!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  31. To be COMPLETELY honest, I think that COVID-19 is just a worsened flu, but I still think we have to take precautions like washing hands, not touching our faces and any outside objects, and staying inside as much as possible. As I live in New York, which is heavily affected by the coronavirus, I believe that we are overreacting, especially with the toilet paper (like seriously? We drove all the way to Connecticut for my piano competition, and we visited a Costco on the way back, and literally all of the toilet paper was gone!).

    Feel free to contradict my points btw 😀

    • I strongly agree. The whole toilet paper thing started when somebody went to buy toilet paper and there was none because the workers had forgotten to put it out. They told their friends who told their friends who told their friends and eventually everybody knew that the toilet paper wasn’t there… so they bought a bunch to make it true that the toilet paper wasn’t there. This could all just be a rumor but this is what I’ve heard.

  32. what a mess! 🙂 🙁

  33. The US is the place with the most COVID-19 cases now. Keep praying🙏🏻 God will get us through this.

  34. People I know have been getting the corona. Literally my whole world has been turned upside down. Please pray strongly for everybody especially in the US as we are now ranked number 1 in cases.

  35. Mysterious Person

    The death rate is 19% now

  36. Mysterious Person


  37. Mysterious Person

    I had a friend in Russia who probably had it but the doctors are telling everyone its just pneumonia

  38. Mysterious Person

    Today there were almost 25,000 new cases and about 800 more deaths in the USA

  39. I feel like there’s more comments on this than the actual writing🤣