GP6 Music Competition: Vote Now!

Hello TPSers!

We received over 65 entries for our 2020 GP6 Music Competition! The GP6 Music Committee has had so much fun reviewing all of the talented songs sent to us over the past few weeks, and we had to make some tough decisions in order to choose our finalists.

Now, it’s your turn! Our eight finalists’ submissions are available below for you to listen and choose your favorite! After listening to each of the songs, choose your favorite by filling out the survey below. Voting is open now through March 13. The four highest-scoring entries will become our new GP6 music!

We hope you enjoy hearing all of the talented entries from this competition as much as we did!

“This Daily Deliverance” by Isabelle Thom


“Control” by Sarah Rains


“Upside-Down Rag” by Matthew and Noah Conger


“Carolina” by Megdalia Bromhal


“Sunrise” by Ezra Ramirez


“Yearning” by Anonymous


“Partita No.2 Allemande” by Natalie Paravalos


“Whispers in the Willow” by Benjamin Smith


Vote now on this form:

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  1. Arghhh this was so haaaard to choose!!!! I spent ten minutes clicking the various buttons at the voting form- they’re all sooo good!!!!????????????

  2. woww! they are all so good! well done guys!

  3. Wowowowow, these are all amazing, very hard choice between Carolina, This Daily Deliverance and Prismatica! Great job everyone =))

  4. OMS Good job everyone *prepares to apply for next year* aaaaaaaa

  5. OH MY WORDDD, YALL ARE SOOO TALENTED! Wow, so hard to choose.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all so good!!!! I had such a hard time choosing!! I loved Prismatica and This Daily Deliverance is SO RELAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could vote for both!!!!

  7. Ok but why is Prismatica s u c h a jam though??? Joel/Evelyn, if you read this, I’d love to download it so I can put it in playlists outside of GP6. Any chance you could send it to tylertcool@gmail?

    Oh, and of course it has my vote btw.

  8. These all are sooooooooooooooo good!

  9. Most of them were great, and I had a hard time deciding between most of them. In the end, I chose Carolina.

    • Naomi Hochstedler

      Wowww these are so good. I had a hard time choosing between This Daily Deliverance, Control and Yearning. Awesome job!

  10. Woahhh, these are all amazingggg!!! I love how each song brought a different kind of mood and vibe the moment it started playing! GJ to all of you!! I’m going to hv a rly tough time deciding!

  11. caroline housworth

    sunrise is a bop and if i dont hear it in before class i’ll be depressed

  12. weeewwwww….. wow these r good. i never stood a chance. great job all!!

  13. Wow all of these were so good! My favourites were Upside-down rag, Carolina, and prismatica. Great Job!

  14. Actually, I just liked Carolina and Upside-Down Rag. I chose Upside-Down Rag because it’s fast and lively. Do you know who is Anonymous?

  15. WOW!! These are all so amazing! Great job!!!

  16. Cloud-Multiplayer

    We got some talented people this year. 🙂 Wish you all good luck on the voting, but I can see ways this voting can be hacked.

    • Cassie Disharoon

      Hey there! The voting actually cannot be hacked, as the email address verifies that everyone can only vote once.

      • Cloud-Multiplayer

        The way to hack the (or go around the system) is simple, just go to a random email generator website, use that email, put it inside, and just infinitely generate emails!

        • Cassie Disharoon

          The Senior Editors get to read all of the names and emails who have submitted votes. So, we can see when fake emails are used.

          • Cloud-Multiplayer

            Okay then, that makes sense.

          • Cloud-Multiplayer

            I just wanted to contact you that I found another way to get around that system too, but I won’t be posting it, because if anyone tries that other way it can get chaotic.

  17. AHHHHH all of these are so amazing!!! Can y’all publish these so I can listen to it when I study? lol

    • Cassie Disharoon

      Hi Isabel! We suggest messaging the authors on Forums to get permission to use their files.

    • Michael Stephen Dickey

      I don’t know about the rest of the songs, but I know Sarah put Control on Spotify.

    • Michael S Dickey

      I don’t know about the other songs/artists, but Sarah put Control on Spotify, so that’s 1/9 songs for your playlist.

    • Here’s a way to download the songs: use the Chrome browser, go to this page, and hit Esc as soon as the page starts loading. If you hit the key at the right time, you’ll see three dots on the right side of each song player (to the right of the sound icon). Click that, and you’ll be able to download the file. Hope that helps!

      • Hmm, not sure if that’s a good thing though. The songs belong to the people who created them.

  18. Though Sunrise starts off kinda slow it’s really awesome in the end! All great songs but Sunrise has got my vote.

  19. *Standing ovation to all who participated!!!!* I’m so happy for everyone who submitted there music!! (including the peeps who aren’t on the list up above) Awesome job!

  20. Though Sunrise starts out kinda slow it gets really awesome in the end! These were all great submissions but Sunrise has my vote 😀

  21. Hey guys!!! Man ya’ll r sooo talented!!! Good job all!! I voted for Sunrise bc it sounds so much like the old west. Idk why!! I love it though! It was really hard deciding between that and Prismatica though!!

  22. I love them all, especially Sunrise, Yearning, Control, and Daily Deliverance! It’s so hard to choose!!

  23. Had to vote for Whispers in the Willow. Sheish, that piece is amazing. As a violinist, I know how much talent it took to play that piece the way it was expressed. Great job Benjamin!

  24. These songs are soo good there were to main a struggled with but I chose!

  25. My two top picks are Prismatica and Sunrise!

  26. This is really hard…

  27. I voted for Sunrise… Anyone else? It’s so… calming. I could listen to it all day, and it would be my life soundtrack. XD

  28. Great Job everyone who made it to the top 9!!!!!! I loved all of the songs, it was so hard to choose! But amazing job to who ever wins.

  29. This was awsome! I really liked all of them but in the end Controll and Yearning were the votes. I had to pick one and I picked Controll. It was awsome! I give many thanks to all the people who made these songs with hard work. I am a piano player so I know!

  30. I loved all of these songs! They were amazing! My favorite though was “Carolina” I loved how it went on happily and it was fast. They were so good! Great Job everybody! I’m glad you guys could join! If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to listen to this! Good luck to you all!

  31. Awesome job, ya’ll! Sounds amazinggg

  32. OH. MY. GOSH. These are all soooooooooo good! Nice job to everyone! I wish I could vote for them all!

  33. THESE WERE ALL AMAZING! I had such a hard time choosing. This year’s selection of Piano was especially stunning! In the end, I chose This Daily Deliverance (It’s just too beautiful, and it reminds me of the best parts of the early morning).

  34. “Carolina” and “This Daily Deliverance” were both absolutely amazing, but I finally chose the latter.

  35. prismatica is sooo good….would be perfect music for the vlog i am working on right now!!

  36. It looks like a lot of people are getting confused with the names, the names on the top guys are the name of the song below it!

  37. Oh my goodness, these were incredible!!!! I ended up choosing Partita No. 2, but boy, was it a hard choice! “This Daily Deliverance” was my second choice, though =) All of these were spectacular, and I want to congratulate everyone who made it this far!!

  38. Great Job everyone on the songs! My top two picks were Sunrise and Partita. SO hard to choose one song, but I had to go with Partita. But gj everyone!

  39. I’m definitely picking the Upside Down Rag! Good job to the composers!

  40. Good job everyone! This Daily Deliverance, Control, Yearning, the violin piece and Whispers in the Willow are all so good — it’s gonna be hard to choose!

  41. These were all sooooooooo insanely good y’all! Congrats for making the final nine! When I got the email saying my submission didn’t make it I was like wHaT but listening to these I totally understand why???? Carolina got my vote but these were all sososo amazing. I wish I could have these songs on iTunes or Spotify so I could listen to them all the time haha! And to the one lone strings player if you see this: NICE performance! I’m a violinist myself and I really admire the way you rocked that Partita! Good job all! It was a pleasure to listen to these submissions and a nearly IMPOSSIBLE choice! Can’t wait to hear your music before class lol 🙂

    • Natalie Paravalos

      Thank you!

    • Thank you! And by the way, I actually posted my song “Control” on Spotify so you actually can listen to it on there 😀 It’s under the artist name “Abigail Rains” if you want to look it up

      • No way SERIOUSLY?! DUDE that is AWESOME!! How did you do that?! I am totally doing that right now ahhhh

        • Josephine Lackey

          okay seriously I’ve now listened to Control about fifty times today on Spotify xD how did you put it on Spotify? I have to know lol

          • Aww thank you so much!! And to get music on platforms such as Spotify you have to go through a music distributor. Most of them you have to pay for, but I found one that has a plan for free, it’s called Indiefy

  42. I’m a bit confused by which name corresponds to which song. Could someone kindly tell me the name of the third song from the bottom?

  43. Everybody did SO amazingly well this year, but I have to say that “Prismatica” rose ABOVE and BEYOND!!!!!!! Such an amazing song! It feels so smooth, yet with strong beats in it! Kind of hard to explain! xD

  44. Wait so, for people who made it to final round, are they allowed to get non-TPSers/alumnis/parents to vote for their song?

  45. Yo, who doesn’t like ragtime lol?

  46. I gotta say that Sunrise stood out the most to me; I love its tone and variety!


  48. Noice jobs people

  49. Over Upside-Down Rag has my vote! And more than 65 submissions! Good job everyone who entered!

  50. I had SUCH a hard time choosing between Control and This Daily Deliverance. I finally picked Control because it seemed like less people had chosen that one and I really want both of them to win! =D

  51. wowww. amazing job everyone! all of y’all have so much talent! this was such a hard choice.

  52. IMHO:
    1st: Sunrise
    2nd: Upside Down Rag
    3rd: Daily Deliverance
    SUNRISE is the bop that can cure my anxiety before class XD

  53. Alyssa Villareal

    Carolina was definitely my favorite since I live in North Carolina! The way she combined the violin, piano and singing was so beautiful! Great Job! Can’t wait to listen to this music before class!! 🙂

  54. By any chance Megdaila Bromhal could u send ‘Carolina’ to alyssarvillareal@gmail.com?

  55. Sunrise is an absolute bop; outstanding work.
    I LOVE the hyper-ectstatic, just… FUN-ness of Upside-Down Rag and would be quite happy to hear it before class.
    And finally, This Daily Deliverance, Carolina, Yearning, and Whispers in the Willow are all just BEAUTIFUL. Don’t think I mean that lightly because I grouped them all together; each piece is absolutely touching, moving, and brilliantly composed. I’m blown away.
    If any of you nine have SoundCloud or Spotify or SOMETHING accounts you wanna plug in, please do. I’d LOVE to hear more.

  56. Wow! These were all so amazing! Great job to everyone who submitted, and especially to those whose submissions were chosen. Looking forwards for the next school year to hear them!

  57. I love them all!!!! Why can’t all nine of them win?????????????????

  58. Also, I have another question. Are we allowed to get our parents/friends/nontpsers to vote????

  59. Yearning and Upside Down Rag were just sOoOoOo wonderful in different ways- one makes me think, the other makes me dance….oh, well unfortunately(or fortunately?) I’m a deep philosopher, so….

  60. Great job everyone!

  61. I’ve been listening to theses since they came out yester day. still can’t pick ????, they’re all realy good.

  62. Oh my goodness y’all made it soooo hard to choose!! I honestly love all of them!! But I chose Sunrise in the end.
    Awesome job everyone!!

  63. Omgosh, these are all so HARD to pick! Great job all, i’v still got to vote! EEKKK!!! WOW!

  64. O my skarg, Carolina is so amazing!! Wow, really good job Megdelia!

  65. wow, i voted for Carolina!! Such a good job guys!

  66. good job isabelle, matthew and noah!! voted for yall
    as a pianist myself.. i must say they were really good!
    for the rest of the contestants good luck they were all nicely done (:

  67. I just voted for Upside-Down Rag I’m a piano player too so I could really appreciate that. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I just voted for Upside-Down Rag I’m a piano player too so I was really able to appreciate that GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Wow, everyone, good job!!!!!!!!!!
    I really liked all the songs, but the Prismatica, The Daily Deliverance, and the Upside-Down Rag were the best to me…
    I chose Upside Down Rag in the end though….

  70. I picked Upside-Down Raaagggggg!!!

    (btw, I’m Isaac Zenko da gret)

  71. Wow! These were all great and it was so hard choosing! In the end, I chose the Daily Deliverence, that was really good.
    Great job everyone!


  73. everyone did a great job tbh

  74. good job everyone! thanks for participating and helping to improve the music that needs improvement

  75. ignore my first comment

  76. Okay, can I just say this? I listened to the first second of “This Daily Deliverance” And I was like, “We gonna yeet the answer right into the poll! I vote you!!!” ~UwUz for all

  77. Can we just, do like last year and have all the songs on rotation?? Honestly these are all too good!!

  78. Congratulations to everyone who got into the top nine!! There are so many great options! It was so difficult to choose. I wish I could pick three, or I wish more than four would be used next year!

  79. I can’t decide!! All of these are awesome!! My favorites are “Prismatica,” “This Daily Deliverance,” “Yearning,” and “Upside-Down Rag.” They are all so good!!! Good luck to all of you!!

    And BTW……. who is Anonymous? 🙂 I really want to know!

  80. These were all really good pieces of music guys. Job well done! However, “This Daily Deliverance” does it for me. While I’m not a big fan of music that is solely piano, that was pretty good!

  81. Carolina song is clearly the superior piece. It’s different from the other pieces and the intro that gives backstory makes it so much better. I could listen to it all day. Also, does Megdhalia really play all those instruments? She must be super talented as a musician.

  82. That would be cool if they posted all of the songs that were entered. I would love to hear all of the people who didn’t make it and good job to all you who did make it to the final.

  83. Honestly Senior Editors or whoever’s in charge please put all of them on GP6! 🙂
    I understand that it’s less of a voting-competition and more of a Senior-Editors-choose-the-top-nine-songs kind of thing, but if there were a button on the voting thing that said “put all of them on GP6” nearly everyone would choose it.
    (Or at least do the top 6 or something).

  84. So I’m not sure how this is planned, but I vote that you keep multiple songs, not just one. All of these songs are so good and they have potential to win, why not keep all of them? This is better in many ways because it prevents us form getting bored of listening to one song over and over, and it gives variety. Also I’m going to assume that the votes are all over the place this time, so it also keeps everyone happy that they got their song xDD. If this was the plan already then you can ignore this comment, but I doesn’t seem that way by the fact you can only vote for one song. Thoughts? I see a few other people are thinking along the same lines, I strongly suggest this along with them.

  85. hey, um do u guys know who that run this, that u can actually vote for the same one many times, coz when u leave then come back, the poll is there again!!!! Idk if it is supposed to be like that……… But i was just showing u guys, thx!

    hahahahhah All u guys from the forums, this is me, Oliver!!!!! hahahahhahahah lol!

  86. ok, thank you!!!!!

  87. @Matthew Conger, did you guys speed your song up or is it in real time?

  88. @Matthew Conger, did you guys speed up your song after you recorded it?

  89. “A Daily Deliverance” made me want to cry my eyes out. I want to play it and “Control” so badly!!

  90. So, sunrise, anyone? If that isn’t in the waiting room when I show up to class next year, I’m gonna be ticked XD. Also, every single song was incredible and congratulations to everyone on your hard work!

  91. Some rly rly talented people this year in particular, hard choice.

  92. They are all super good.

  93. Sunrise 10/10, to all of you g’s that voted for it

  94. I loved all the piano! Great job guys!

  95. Wait, we only get ONE vote?!!! There are some really talented musicians in TPS 🙂 Congratulations and applause to all who participated and to those of you that I got to listen to, I loved your covers/compositions. I assume many were original compositions – simply beautiful. I particularly loved Daily Deliverance, Control, Carolina, Upside-Down Rag, and Whispers in the Willow. *applause, smiles, and high-fives*

  96. Just wondering, does anyone know if we will have a photography contest this year?

  97. You all did such a great job! All of them are so good! I am having a hard time voting!!

  98. It’s a wonderful feeling when you realize how talented fellow homeschoolers can be! Best of love and much love to you all <3

  99. Has anyone noticed that you can play all the songs at once on this page, unlike the contest page for last year?
    Its so much fun!! ????????????????????????????????
    To whoever coded this page, please don’t change it

  100. ok I lowkey want to learn how to play This Daily Deliverance on the piano
    Nice job everyone!!

  101. I absolutely love Daily Deliverance!! Isabelle Thom, did you make sheet music that you are willing to share? I would love to learn it!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Thank you Emily! (and all of you asking for sheet music!) I feel very honored that you all want to take the time to learn my song! I do not currently have sheet music for “This Daily Deliverance.” It’s all up in my head:) I hope to start working on some soon, and will look into ways to share it with you all.

  102. Isabelle Thom, I thought you should know that your song, “This Daily Deliverance” calms me so much that I can’t describe the feeling. So, thank you.

  103. Mathew Conger, would you be able to email your song to me? kimberlycaylor@outlook.com

  104. Rebekah Macdonald

    Ahhh The Daily Deliverance was soooo good! I could fall asleep listening to it!!

    • Yeah, that’s why I don’t really want it playing right before my 8:00 class! Lol It’s such a good song tho – I really like it UwU

  105. Matthew and Noah, your song was soooo clean. That was amazing. I’ve played ragtime before but it was nowhere near as good as yours sounded. Great Job!!!

  106. WOW y’all are sooooooo talented!!! just… WOW. it took me so long to figure out which song I wanted to vote for. great job everyone! whatever songs get chosen, i know i’ll love them because i love all of these so much!!!!!!!

  107. Goodness, I tried playing them all at the same time, my mind is jangling now xD. Upside-down Rag overpowers all the other songs when played together, which isn’t altogether a bad thing x).

  108. I can’t wait to see whose is chosen! How long will the chosen ones be played and when will they start playing?

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      The chosen songs will be played starting in the coming months until they are replaced by the new music from the 2021 music competition!

  109. I loved “Yearning” by anonymous. Beautiful!

  110. I loved Upside-Down Rag! Just curious, do you have a music sheet for the song? I would love to learn to play this on my piano. Good job!

  111. Oh my Gosh! These are so gooood! I really like Prismatic, Upside-Down Rag (who doesn’t XD), Sunrise, and all the instrumentals – lol i just named almost all of them. I think everyone did such a good job and congratulate everyone, even the people who won’t get picked on their superb music skills! I’ve really liked listening to all of you, and want to hear more of your music someday!!! <3

  112. Is it ok if I revote because the one I originally voted for is out?

  113. Does any one know where Prismatic went? I kept reloading the page but Prismatic did not show up. Is there something wrong with the web page on my computer?????

  114. michaela udinski

    I really liked “Yearning” by Anonymous, but you all did so well! You are all so talented!

  115. I thought all of them were well done; I wish there was more diversity in genres and less piano, although the piano songs were very good.

    • yeah, I would have voted for a jazzy one on a saxophone or something. I wanted to submit a song on my clarinet – but never got the time.

  116. Can our parents/friends also vote?????

  117. I chose “yearning” because it was soft worked well as lobby music. Anybody else? I’d like to say that all the songs are great, except a few I couldn’t imagine as something to calm you before class :P.

    • lol I chose yearning too, but for a different reason- I thought this song’ll make us yearn for whatever we’re gonna learn ????????
      But it can be that reason as well!

      • Lol. That’s an interesting reason, Abigail. I chose to name this song “Yearning” because I was yearning for direction about my future. Sounds weird lol, but like the songs I compose are often very related to my life xD. I’m so glad you enjoyed this!

  118. i voted carolina bc its the best

  119. Wow! Such amazing music! Great job to all of those who submitted music, it was so hard to choose!!

  120. As you guys are voting just think about how it’ll feel to listen to them at 7:30 in the morning right before a boring class when you’ve had 6 hours of sleep – and choose which one will keep you awake. LOL????

  121. I had to choose “yearning” it was so wonderful. I can only play guitar so i can’t make anything like this.

  122. I had a hard time deciding between “Upside-Down Rag” or “Sunrise”. I finally thought that throughout the year I would probably get tried of the rag so I chose the latter of the two.

  123. These songs are genius! Well done everyone! 🙂

  124. Can we vote again if we voted for the one that you guys got rid of?

  125. Hello! I have a question about the rules for submitting a music piece in the GP6 music competition (for future reference, of course). Would piano covers of songs published after 1924 be accepted? Just wondering 🙂

  126. for me, it’s between Carolina and Sunrise. I hope those are the winners 🙂

  127. colson the super fluffy butterfly

    I like the daily deliverance

  128. I chose one that I’d like to hear before class and won’t get tired of and I’m rooting for Sunrise

  129. I really liked This Daily Deliverance. It’s calm and relaxing, but it’s nice to listen to

  130. Every single one was so awesome! They were all amazing! I’m not telling what my choice is; it’s a secret.

  131. There is something wrong with the songs or whatever because it only let me listen to one, so I picked it. Did anyone else have this problem?

  132. I love the piano playing on the Upside Down rag!!

  133. it was so easy to choose I like two of them but when I listened some more to each of the I new immediately! ????????????????????????????????????????????

  134. Matthew and Noah Conger, did you actually play the Upside-Down Rag, or did you make it on Garageband? It sounds almost too perfect…

  135. may I vote again since promisticrata was taken off please

  136. Can I just say – listening to “Carolina” was a really magical experience! Thanks to all the musicians who put so much hard work and soul into these pieces! I was really amazed. ????

  137. Cloud-Multiplayer

    The votes are in! Let’s see who gets let in now 🙂

  138. Lizz {Elizabeth Hoy}

    I lOVE this song so classical good for Studying

  139. When will we know which one wins???

  140. My favorite was Yearning, but I voted for the wrong one…..

  141. Are they tallying up votes now?