Expand Your Language Skills with Spanish I Language and Culture

Are you interested in learning to speak a new language? Are you a student in need of a high school language credit? Do you enjoy learning about and exploring fascinating cultures? If so, then TPS’s Spanish 1 Language and Culture could be just the class for you!

Taught by Senora Falk, Spanish 1 Language and Culture focuses on learning how to read, write, and speak Spanish while also exploring Spanish and Latin cultures. This course targets 9th, 10th, and 11th graders and counts as one high school credit. Normal class time consists of learning everyday Spanish phrases while also participating in class conversations and discussions. In addition, students will work on pronunciation and clearly articulating Spanish words and phrases. Homework is comprised of vocabulary activities, reading, cultural exploration, grammar exercises, and audio comprehension. Unlike other TPS Spanish classes which meet twice a week, Spanish 1 Language and Culture meets once per week to practice speaking and pronunciation. During the rest of the week, students will work on Spanish grammar and writing activities.

Starting off the course, students will begin their Spanish journey by diving into present tense where they will learn how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs. As students get comfortable speaking in class, they practice navigating everyday conversational situations. After conquering present tense, this course turns its attention to preterite tense where students will learn how to conjugate preterite tense verbs as well as learning the endings of these verbs. Moving on from verb congregations, students will explore infinitive constructions, prepositions, and parts of speech. In addition to learning a new language, students will have the opportunity to dive into Spanish and Latin culture. They will learn about the art, music, food, traditions, and sports of Spanish speaking countries. Some key elements students will learn while taking this course are greetings and farewells, numbers, colors, dates, and question words. Through grasping the basics of the Spanish language, students will learn how to speak and understand the fundamentals of Spanish.

Spanish 1 Language and culture is a course designed to take students on a Spanish journey teaching them Spanish while also immersing students into Spanish and Latin culture. After this course, you will have taken the first leap into your adventure of learning Spanish. Who knows, you could find yourself living in a Spanish speaking country, and you’ll look back into your high school years thankful that you worked hard to learn Spanish. So next year, when you look to sign up for a foreign language class, consider Spanish 1 Language and Culture.

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