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Vote for the Best Round Robin

It’s time for one of our favorite events of the year: the Round Robin! As in past years, the Senior Editors have split the entire staff of clay into two teams. Each team has collectively written an amazing piece of literature. However, it’s up to you all to decide which team has the better story. The winners will be proclaimed clay Round Robin winners for all time and win the bragging rights of the century. Follow the link below to the ultimate and official forums poll for deciding which clay Senior Editor and their team will be victorious.

To read Team Cassie’s Round Robin (the best team, according to Cassie), Of T-Rexes, Pigs, and Slightly Sentient Crystals, click here.

To read Team Leanne’s Round Robin (the superior team, according to Leanne), The Magic of Procrastination, click here.

Please be sure to share these links with all your friends, classmates, and teachers! We want to invite as many people as possible to share in the fun and join in the voting process!

Once you have carefully considered your options, please vote for your favorite story here:

May the best, most creative, and most (or least…) coherent story win.


Your 2019-2020 Senior Editors, Cassie & Leanne



  2. vote team leanne.

  3. Yes I love the annual Round Robin!!

    And oof I love how Cassie’s like “My team’s the best” but Leanne says “My team’s BETTER” that’s so hilarious….πŸ˜‚

  4. Go Team Cassie!!

  5. #TeamLeanneFTW

  6. Team Leanne features a cameo from Mr. Gilbert, they deserve all y’alls vote.

  7. Wow nice!!!! Can’t wait for the reults πŸ™‚