A Conversation with Dr. Livingstone

Whether it’s visiting Scotland on vacation, working in Kosovo, or living in Germany, Dr. Livingstone has done it all.


What has been your favorite place you have lived?

A picture of the streets of Muenster, Germany (Source.)

Muenster, Germany, a small city in northwestern Germany. It’s the same city where the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War, was signed. It’s a medium-sized city that’s typically German.


Have you had any memorable experiences in those foreign countries?


I have had the opportunity to visit many countries for both work and on vacation. I worked in Kosovo doing a peacekeeping mission in 2001-2002 and served in Afghanistan helping to build up the Afghan National Security Forces. Both of these experiences taught me that we Americans have a lot to be thankful for.

One of Scotland’s gorgeous mountains (Source.)

My favorite vacation spot is Scotland. My father was born and raised there and my family and I had the chance to visit a couple of times when we lived in Germany. We loved the scenic beauty and opportunities to hike.


Have you ever had the occasion to use your French?


I have had a few opportunities to speak French since leaving college. We visited France several times while living in Germany. Contrary to the experiences of others, our trips to France were highly enjoyable and we never felt that the French people treated us poorly. I think part of the reason was my ability to communicate, at a basic level, in French.


I was also able to communicate with some French military officers whom I got to know during a training event. They, of course, spoke excellent English but tolerated my attempts (and helped me learn/practice) speaking French.


What classes do you teach now?


This year, as last year, I am teaching AP Comparative Government and Politics.


What interested you in teaching at TPS?


Several of my children have taken classes at TPS and I have respected the instruction that they received and am excited about the Christian worldview that accompanies the studies. When I saw that they were looking for an AP Comp Gov and Pol teacher I thought I could fill the gap for TPS since I had just completed my Ph.D. in Political Science, which included a significant amount of coursework in the subject.


How long have you taught with TPS?


Only two years.


How many kids do you have? What ages?


I have five children (21, 18, 16, 9, and 7), all of whom we have homeschooled. The oldest is in college, the next two take classes with TPS, and the younger have not yet done anything with TPS.


Do you have a favorite outdoor activity? 


Hiking. I love being outside and walking through God’s creation. I also particularly enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee, although it’s sometimes hard to find a group to do so.


Dr. Livingstone has lived a life full of adventure and new experiences! It has been amazing to hear all of the amazing stories of his life and I hope he can continue to share those memories with TPS students for years to come. 

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