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Open Mic: Yoda’s Son by Micah Wideman

“Yep. It’s true. I’ve been waiting to tell you this,” Baby Yoda said. Even his voice was cute.

“Why did you wait to tell me? You should have told me at the beginning! I could have found some way to get you back to your father… even though he’s dead,” Mando said.

“But then nobody would be able to go crazy about my cuteness, because I wouldn’t be around,” Baby Yoda said, smiling his cute smile.

Mando shook his head. All this time, Baby Yoda could talk but didn’t so people could go crazy about him!

“Why did you do this?”

“So that people could—”

“Yes, I know. So that people could go crazy about you, but that doesn’t matter! We need to get you back to your father!”

“Do this I will,” a voice said.

Mando whirled around, and there was Yoda.

“Where did you come from?” Mando asked, pulling out his gun.

“Been here the whole time I have,” Yoda said, laughing. Baby Yoda soon joined in.

“I thought you were dead.”

This just made the two laugh even harder. Mando had never heard Baby Yoda’s laugh before. It was—of course—cute.

“Dead? Of course not!” Yoda said with a chuckle. “Real that was not. Quite alive I am.”

“B-but Luke Skywalker! He saw you die!” Mando said.

Now it was Baby Yoda’s turn to talk. “He didn’t actually die; he just disappeared because… come to think of it, he never actually told me why he did that.”

Yoda looked at his son. “Discuss that later we will.”

“So you’re still alive?” Mando asked clearly still confused.

“Alive I still am, for long not though. Die I will soon.”

“How soon?” Mando asked.

“Before Luke Skywalker I see!” Yoda said.

Mando looked at Baby Yoda, who translated.

“He means before he has to see Luke Skywalker someday.”

“Why exactly are you supposed to die before you see Luke Skywalker? Don’t you need to die after you see him?” Mando asked.

“Force ghost I must be,” Yoda said. “Do what I must do I cannot, unless force ghost I am.”

“So are you going to take the child? Is he going to live with you until you die?” Mando asked.

Baby Yoda looked at Yoda and then back at Mando. It seemed like he couldn’t decide who he wanted to be with.

“Decide let him,” Yoda said, seeing what Baby Yoda was doing.

Baby Yoda finally decided to go with Yoda.

“I’m sorry, Mando. I’m sure I’ll see you again, but I feel like I should go with my father. He might not make sense at times, but it’s what I need to do.”

Mando didn’t know how to respond. After everything he had done for Baby Yoda, Mando did not expect him to go away.

“Well, it’s okay. Going with your father is probably the best idea for you. My life is not the one for you.”

With that, Yoda put his hand on Baby Yoda’s shoulder; it was time for them to leave. Baby Yoda didn’t have anything else to say.


Less than a year later, Yoda and his son came across Mando.

Baby Yoda smiled and said, “I want to be with you now. Being with my dad was probably not the best choice.”

Mando was surprised. He thought the life with Yoda would be the best life ever.

“Well if that’s what you want, then come with me!”

Baby Yoda smiled.


Meet the Author

How old are you?
I am 11.

Where do you live?
I live in Thailand.

What classes are you taking with TPS?
I’m taking WF6.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?
I like coming up with the story.


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  11. niiiceee, my jellyfish teammate! So Im guessing you’re fluent in Yoda language? (lol is that what’s it called?? heh Idk)
    Anyways, luv the pics of Baby Yoda #BabyYodaIsSoAdorable and how Yoda haven’t died yet… #YodaNoDead
    ok, I think I’ll stop with those hashtags, I’m going a bit weird with them…

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