Dive into the English Language AP Exam with AP Language and Composition!

Are you ready for the next step in your English journey? Would you like to earn college credit in English? If you are planning on taking the English and Language AP exam, and are wondering how to prepare for the test, TPS’s AP Language and Composition could be a great class to prepare you. Taught by Dr. Leake, AP Language and Composition targets students in 11th and 12th grade. Throughout this class, students will learn how to enhance their analytical writing skills.

During this course, students explore the elements of an essay such as claims, examples, and explanations. To start off, students learn how to write a solid claim and the difference between a strong and weak claims. Students work on blending examples into their writing, and they discover how to use examples to spark their readers’ interest. Wrapping up their examples with explanations, students learn how to smoothly incorporate explanations into their writing. Students also identify their audience for each essay, learning how to appeal to their chosen audience’s ideas and beliefs, keeping in mind that not everyone who reads their writing agrees with their point of view. By appealing to their desired audience, students will explore the use of narration and cause-and-effect as tools of persuasion.

Later in the course, students conquer the use of precise description words, in order to write credibly. They will distinguish between credible and non-credible source material, and learn how to cite a variety of websites featuring reliable authors who appeal to their readers. Moving on, students examine the difference between plausible and non-plausible claims; they will learn how to craft a plausible claim. One of the most important skills students gain from AP Language and Composition is the art of revision. Students learn how to revise their arguments to add new examples or evidence. Additionally, students who take this course will work on adjusting thesis statements to create a provable claim.

At the end of the second semester, students apply what they have learned to a practice AP English Language test. After taking the practice test, students will share areas that need work in class, and talk through improvement strategies before taking the actual AP exam.

AP Language and Composition is designed to help students achieve their desired score on the AP English Language test. If you are a student who wants to receive college credit in English, or if you are a student planning to take the AP English Language exam, consider using TPS’s AP Language and Composition to accomplish your academic goals!


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  1. This class sounds awesome! I’m sure that students will really learn to write essays that are impactful, and that really flow smoothly! I hope to take this class later in high school.

  2. XD I wonder why the people in the pic are all left-handed.

  3. This class sounds like it could help make students essay’s very impactful and improve the flow of their writing.

  4. Ainsley, this is a fantastic article!! I continue to be amazed by your skill as an artist and it is so cool to see what a talented writer you are also! God has gifted you in so many ways! Love you, girl! 🙂

  5. Seriously, guys, Dr. Leake teaches us to be so IMPACTFUL and like our FLOW has gotten so amazing.

  6. Truly, the FLOW of METADISCOURSE that Dr. Leake teaches us surpasses all bounds. And the Transformers references he makes are pretty awesome as well.

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    Go with the flow

  8. The class is great! Dr. Leake really gives us lot of useful information about how to write an essay!

  9. Although it’s very different from on-level or even honors English classes, Dr. Leake’s AP Language class has been quite an experience! I’ve gotten a lot more diverse reading than I have in the past – I really enjoyed reading JRR Tolkein’s letters this week – and I’ve learned/created a new word! This class has great impactflow 🙂

  10. Hithertoforthwith, AP English Lang will TRANSFORM into a class of ROBOTIC and hollow men and women, in which we are conditioned to go with the impact of the flow. (Note: The coined term “Impactflowgo,” encompasses carefully constructed wordage in which the GOING with the IMPACTING of the FLOWING is inverted so as to emphasize the IMPACT connected to the FLOW catalyzing the GO. Such constitutes the structural edifice of “LangSpeak,” a contemporary linguistic species derived from a distant cousin, “News Speak.”) Therefore, since we are conditioned to communicate “LangSpeak,” of which Mathematical concepts, such as two plus two equal four, are relative to the desires of the people, rather than cruel absolutes, why cannot the students of AP English Lang condition the Math corresponding to their overall class grade to equal 100%? This Mathematical quandary aside, I shall pursue the matter of utmost significance. Since the students of this class endured the senseless, satirical censorship of the English language to the acutest degree, I, an AP English Lang student, on behalf of the entire class, beseech Dr. Leake to grant us the liberties of every human being, such as comprise the critical components of a healthy society. I address Dr. Leake for academic purposes. I EARNESTLY yearn for the days when the class will have the honored privilege of ONLY utilizing the adjectives, “Impact” and “Flow,” and possibly the addendum “GO,” in every essay from now to the semester’s finish. We, the people of this class, who advocated the freedom of the “IMPACTFLOW,” can victoriously say, “This was (our) finest hour.” (Dismiss everything that I said. This class really IMPACTED ME WITH ITS SMOOTH FLOW.)