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Announcing the 2020 GP6 Music Competition!

Hello TPS!

We, the clay Senior Editors, are so excited to announce the second annual GP6 Music Competition!

Last year, the Senior Editors introduced this competition to rid the world of our singular repetitive pre-class song. Now, with that song fading into a distant memory, we have grown to love the tracks currently on rotation in GP6, all of which won last year’s competition via a vote from the TPS student body.

But, in keeping with the cyclical nature of our new soundtrack, we are looking for new songs to be played for the rest of the year! The GP6 Music Competition is designed to give a voice to the incredible musicians of TPS, so this year, we want to hear from the many talented TPSer artists once again! Submit your best musical work and show us your talents, and you may win a chance to be featured in GP6!

How does all of this work? For this competition, we will accept submissions of original pieces, and the winners will get to hear their songs played on rotation on GP6 for the rest of the school year. All songs must first be submitted to TPS’s clay Senior Editors (Cassie Disharoon and Leanne Zuiderveen) and Head Forum Moderator (Liv Aden) will then judge the entries to pick out the top eight to ten pieces they receive. In early March, we will publish the top picks and allow the TPS community to vote for the ones they like best. The top four most popular songs will be used on rotation as GP6 room music for the rest of the year. This process should ensure that the classroom soundtrack has enough variety to give everyone a chance to listen to something they like.

If you or someone you know is interested, here are the general guidelines:

  1. You must be a current TPS student to submit music.
  2. All submissions must be sent to by February 17th. No exceptions.
  3. We cannot use music that may be offensive or questionable to some. As a result, we cannot consider rap, rock, romance music, political or protest music, etc. Instrumentals are best. Music with soft vocals is acceptable. Digital (techno) is alright as well.
  4. Music must be completely original work: written, performed, and recorded by TPSers. Music clearly in the public domain (all works published in 1924 or earlier) that is performed and recorded by a student is also acceptable.
  5. Submitted work may be in any popular accessible format (e.g. MP3) or may be links to an audio site. The file that is provided for use in GP6 will need to be originally recorded as an uncompressed WAV file of high sample rate (please do NOT convert an MP3 file to an uncompressed WAV, as the file will become unusable in GP6)
  6. Please attach your music file to an email that includes your name and song title, along with any other relevant information.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We had some incredible entries last year, and we’re so excited to see your creativity and talent once again! So share your music with us, and don’t forget to come back to vote in March!

Happy composing!

Cassie Disharoon and Leanne Zuiderveen

2019-2020 Senior Editors

EDIT: The 2020 GP6 Music Competition is now closed to further submissions. Please return in March to vote for your favorite GP6 songs! 

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  1. Wow I can’t wait!! Last year, I wanted to submit a song but didn’t have time x( Whew!! I hope I win this year!!!! I’m so glad that half the world’s asleep right now XD

  2. What would you guys think about including the old GP6 song in the list of songs, for old times’ sake? I mean, we can’t really have a whole new generation of TPSers who don’t know that legendary music.

  3. What would you guys think about including the old GP6 song in this year’s playlist? I mean, we can’t have a whole generation of TPSers growing up without this classic song.

  4. Well, since I haven’t heard last year’s song, I think it would be ok with me because it would be new.

    • The old music isn’t just from last year… its from the year before last year… and the year before that… and the year before that… my brother who graduated collage had that music and I remember sitting there thinking MAKE IT STOP!!!! ????????????

  5. OOOH I am super excited!!! I’ve been waiting for this to come around again, I hope I win this year!!!
    I do have a question, what is the limit as to how many eligible songs I can submit for judging?

  6. ooh i cant wait! Is there any limit on how many songs a student can submit?

  7. Does it have to be a new song, or can I do like a piano version of a popular song?

  8. I’m in the process of writing an Irish air at the moment. You think that style would be appropriate as a GP6 song?

  9. I have a quick question. I know an beautiful arrangement of Jesus Loves Me on the guitar but I did not arrange it. Do you think I can still use it? I can send it in and say Jesus loves me arrange by __________ can I do that?

  10. Um, would “I like your hair” be considered as “romance music”?

  11. This is super fun! I can’t wait to see how everybody does!!

  12. So does that mean I cannot submit a rap song? Even if it is in FRENCH and about SHARKS?!?!?!? There is a lot of dark rap in the world but just because it is rap doesn’t mean it has inappropriate lyrics! PLEASE respond!

  13. So is it okay that I submit a song that is in the public domain, but that I arranged? It’s not technically an ‘original’ due to me only arranging it and not writing it, and its not in the public domain since I rearranged it only a little while ago, so would it still count?

  14. So the entire song must be original? Or can we make a song with a free beat from online??

  15. (like if i did Blessed Assurance or Amazing Grace, could i get a instrumental of that and sing to it?)

  16. Soo excited for this contest. last year i wanted to enter but didn’t end up entering.

  17. Pippi Longstalking

    This sounds like fun! I’m excited to submit something, but I’ll have a hard time deciding what to submit!

  18. Y’all, does this mean we’ll lose the accordion music? Will future generations of TPSers never be able to bask in the glory of the wonderful accordion?!

  19. Can I submit a song that someone that wasn’t from TPS’s gave to me?

  20. Does the song NEED a title?

  21. Hi! I have a few questions.
    1. May I use GarageBand?
    2. In the requirements, it said I cannot convert from MP3 to WAV. What about MP4?
    3. May I submit multiple songs?

  22. Lets say I wanted to play “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole . I know I didn’t write it, but I would play it on my ukulele. Can you accept that?

    • They say that it has to be original, so I don’t think so.

    • Hi! Covers are allowed, but only if they are in the public domain. Unfortunately, since “Over the Rainbow” was released after 1924, it is not in the public domain. Therefore, we can’t accept it for the competition.

  23. I want to submit a recently arranged version of Fur Elise. I did not arrange it. Is that allowed?

    • Yes Clara, because Fur Elise was composed prior to 1924, you are allowed to rearrange it and play it for the competition.

  24. does romance music mean romantic music or music from the romantic period?

  25. Can’t wait for this!
    couple questions-
    I’m very confused about what’s considered original, because I’m seeing a lot of various answers in the comments.
    Is an instrumental rearrangement of a pop song considered original?
    Is a performance of a piece that was composed 100 years ago allowed?
    And is there a preferred length for the song? 🙂 thank you!

    • Hi Ella! Essentially, all songs must be original OR they must be in the public domain. So an instrumental rearrangement of a song is fine as long as that song was originally released in 1924 or earlier. Performing a 100-year-old piece would put it in 1920, which fits the time period of the public domain. Also, we do not have a specific length requirement for the entries.

  26. Are parodies permitted? So, say a song that the lyrics have been rewritten but still the same tune? And does the song have to be written completely by the student or may I sing a song that a friend has written, but never recorded. Thanks!

    • Hey Sarah! We would prefer to stay away from parodies. Also, your song needs to be completely original or it must be something in the public domain (released in 1924 or earlier).

  27. Also, how many winners are there?

  28. oh my goodness! I can’t wait!

  29. Are mashups allowed say the entertainer by scott joplin and fur elise by beethoven

    • Those two particular songs were both published before 1924 so I think you should be able to….. I’m interested to see how that would work though cos those are two very different songs haha

  30. Can there be mashups of clasical songs?

  31. What if a tpser and some of their friends, who are not in tps, wrote a song…is that ok to submit?

  32. Would I be able to submit multiple songs?

  33. y’all remember the 2016 sing? dun-dun-dun-dun-dun… dadadadun… dadadundadadundadadadun…

    Man I loved that thing

  34. 1. So if the song is not an original composition, regardless of the genre, it has to have been published before 1924?
    2. Is there a maximum for song length?

  35. So I was considering doing “Dream a Little Dream,” which was released in 1931 but is technically in the public domain. Is that okay? Also, if my friend who is not a TPS-er wants to help me record a song, is that allowed? Thank you!

    • Oh, and also, is “Dream a Little Dream” too romantic? I guess it’s pretty romantic but it’s old-fashioned romance…I mean, it’s 1930’s jazz lol

      • Hey Josephine! Unfortunately, “Dream a Little Dream” would be considered too romantic for this competition, but your friend is welcome to help you a record another song.

  36. I know you gave a clear list of genres you couldn’t consider, but there was at least one song in this year’s soundtrack that falls under the “romance song” category in my opinion (I couldn’t make out a good portion of the lyrics because of GP6’s terrible audio quality), but I could make out “I like your hair – I like everything about you”, among others. I’m not personally offended by these lyrics, but this demonstrates to me that the genres you “can’t consider” can be loosely played with.
    So this brings me to my main point, I’m a rock musician by heart, electric guitar is my instrument, as well as acoustic guitar, and I wanted to know if I could possibly record a light, upbeat rock track as a submission. As an example of what I’m going for, please take a look at “My Sharona” by The Knack, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by Blüe Öyster Cult. As for the last song I mentioned, it contains lyrics and an instrumental part partway through that MAY be questionable, but I just gave it as an example of what I’m going for.

    BTW I’m planning on making an instrumental.
    Would this be acceptable?

    • Hi Hudson! We cannot make any exceptions to the rules about genres. The song you mentioned, “Hello I’m New to This,” is about friendship and is not considered romantic. I hope this answers your question!

  37. Nah It’s not my fav.

  38. so in the voting stage people know who wrote which song? and are we allowed to tell people which piece we wrote before the voting? (if our piece makes it to the finals ofc)

    • Hey Andrew! All of the tracks that make it to the finals will be attributed to their respective artists/authors 🙂 And this is not a secret, so sure! You can share your entry with others before/after submitting it.

  39. I can’t wait! I hope my can win this time =)

  40. I won’t be joining but this sounds like something fun that I could maybe do next year! Good luck to everybody who is joining!

  41. Good luck to everyone! 🙂 I won’t be joining because I don’t have a MP3 recorder, only a camera. 🙁

    • If you can borrow a phone or other electronic device, you can easily download a voice recorder app or use GarageBand

  42. Yeah, Good luck everybody!! I would love to hear some of your music before class!!!
    I might be able to join next year!!

  43. um, i am new to TPS so do i turn it in like submitting a file? or do i email it?

  44. I think I should play ‘Baby Shark’ on the piano???????????????????????????????????????????? jk

  45. Haha!!

  46. This is going to be fun! 😀 Last year’s people were really talented! I wonder if we will be seeing any cool techno music this year.

  47. Can i submit it in Garageband?

  48. hi, i submitted my entry. should I expect a reply email? or how do I know if the entry was received?

    • Yes, I was actually wondering the same thing. Will we be notified to let us know whether the entry went through properly?

  49. Hello! Is it okay to have an accompanist who is not from TPS as long as the solo is performed by a Potter School student? Thank you!

  50. When is the deadline for submitting a song?

  51. Am I allowed to do a song from the Sound Of Music with two of my TPS friends? I really, really, really want to. One of my friends (Charis Yip) will play the guitar or ukulele and harmonise and me and my other friend (Ally Chien) will sing the melody and echo.

    • Hi Emily! Songs from the Sound of Music are not found in the public domain because they were produced after 1924. Unfortunately, that means that we can’t accept them for submission.

  52. So do I just record it (I have garage band) and gmail it to TPS? Also do I send it in to I just wanted to make sure I got that right. So I can do Mozart? (I’ve never done this before)???????????? Is it ok if I do sort of my version of the song? I use more of a petal on the piano.

  53. I don’t know if this has been asked but: why are we submitting old music from the 1900’s?

    • Probably cuz classical music and jazz is totally awesome!

      • uuummm….. not really…. ????????????????

        • *gasp* FIGHT ME! Jk jk XD Actually though, classical and jazz are both great forms of music if you give them a chance. Also, Benjamin, the reason we’re submitting songs from the 1900’s is because for the most part public domain songs were released in the early 1900’s, and gp6 can’t play a song that isn’t in the public domain because that would be a copyright infringement.

        • lol bruh admittedly rap may be better but…. jazz and classical music are puuurrreee genius! Kanye West vs. Louie Armstrong would be pretty close

          • Rap is my life!!! I HATE classical and jazz music… which is pretty funny cuz I do ballet 5 days a week so I literally have to listen to classical music for like 2 hours every day… ????????????????

  54. Hey so can the submission be an MP3 file or does it need to be a .WAV file i’m a little confused about that.

    • In order for the song to be played in GP6, it must be recorded in wav. format. However, to submit it to the competition, you will convert it to an MP3 so that it can be easily submitted. If you win the competition, you will be asked to submit your wav. format.

  55. Can we collaborate with other TPSers?

  56. I use a program called soundation where you take a whole bunch of little clips that someone else made and put them together into a song. Is it considered plagiarism if I submit a song that was made on that platform?

    • Also, do I have to do it all on my own or can I ask my friends to give me tips on how to change it.

      • You can have your friends give you feedback, but we would recommend playing or singing a song instead of making a mashup. This way, we can easily verify that the song is in the public domain. Thanks!

  57. Also, do I have to do it all on my own or can I ask my friends to give me tips on how to change it?

  58. Are national anthems in the public domain?

  59. How many songs can one person submit?

  60. So what can I do? I don’t think Singing in the Rain or Mary Poppins was before 1944. Can I just sing without musical instruments?